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  1. marvun22

    Are these Buff Orpingtons?

    I can probably add pictures later. I just got my order from Meyer Hatchery. I ordered 8 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Welsummers, 2 Partridge Rocks, 2 Rhode Island Reds, and 2 New Hampshires. But is that truly the case? I have 2 of each color, and then a bunch of 8. But those 8 are not yellow. They're...
  2. marvun22

    Do Muscovy ducks need special feed? And do they get along with standard Mallard-derived breeds

    Guess who just found someone in the area willing to unload a trio of mature Muscovy ducks for $35? They're going to be picked up on Sunday. I'm probably going to lock them in my duck coop for a month or two to get them used to my farm. But here's my 4 problems: 1: What kind of feed do they...
  3. marvun22

    What kind of budget would I need to make a coop (details in description)

    Here's the situation. My current coop is just some plywood with chicken wire stapled on an going upwards another 15 feet in my barn. It's worked since I had chickens (2012), but it's not cutting it anymore. Counting my 5 chicks I got this spring, I would've had 36 chickens. Slowly, the whole...
  4. marvun22

    Really sick injured bird

    Okay here we go: It is a hatchery Easter Egger. I think it has internal laying, as it lost tons of weight, stopped laying eggs, and had yolk-colored poop. I moved her to my greenhouse after that, and temps in there are about 35 at a minimum. But now there's more. One of her feet started getting...
  5. marvun22

    Chicken's eyes close and open.

    I have an Easter Egger. 1 year 5 months old. She has been getting skinnier this winter. She is extremely thin right now when this is happening. She stopped moving and all that so I moved her to my greenhouse (which is 40 degrees, while my outside is 0). She stopped shivering and ate and drank...
  6. marvun22

    Pallet chicken coop designs

    I want to improve my chicken's quality of life, and I figured out the #1 way. If I separated them from the ducks/geese, they would have cleaner water and more food. I don't have tons of money, so I've figured I need something cheap. Then someone that works at a company says his company is trying...
  7. marvun22

    How to rehab injured legs?

    I had a chicken that has had partial paralysis (I think, not completely sure) for about a month or two. At first I just had to help her eat or drink and then after I got her to eat or drink I would try to help her get her legs better. But recently I had some family medical problems that...
  8. marvun22

    Chicken Paralysis in both legs cure?

    I have a Golden Laced Cochin that has both her feet in front of her and she can't move. After about 1 month, she finally eats and drinks without me sticking Tomatoes in her mouth and her beak in water. Is there any way to help her legs gain mobility back?
  9. marvun22

    My chicken has some disease?

    At first I thought she had an injured leg, but now there's this. She can't stand up or balance at all. When she sits down, her legs stick out in front of her. Her eyes keep on shutting, but then I wipe with a wet cloth and one opens again. But then it shuts again. She doesn't drink by herself. I...
  10. marvun22

    Chicken leg injury

    It's left leg is somehow hurt. It can hardly walk and it has problems standing up straight. Any suggestions on how to care for it? I put it away from the rest of the birds. Is there a good way to get it food and water? I've just given it some food on the ground and put water in a small pan. Any...
  11. marvun22

    Poultry ID number?

    I got forwarded this question (since I'm the poultry expert in my community). I have someone showing a Black Australorp, and one blank that needs to be filled in is this: Animal Identification Number. I believe the person's chicken is just a feed store Black Australorp. Would there be a special...
  12. marvun22

    Do geese adopt younger geese/ducks

    I have a 1 yr, 4 month old African Goose. She has wanted to be a mother for about 3 months. I had to constantly move her and take her eggs away. In just the past couple of days, she's stopped sitting on eggs. It seems like she's adopted my 9 six week old ducklings and 1 six week old gosling. I'm...
  13. marvun22

    When can my ducklings be outside permanently

    They are 3 weeks old and I have a night temperature in the low-mid 60's currently. Are they ready to spend nights outside?
  14. marvun22

    I just killed a rooster and feel horrible

    I had this one rooster. A Delaware. He was ripping up my flock, and he was mean to my 2nd and 3rd roosters. He died naturally, and I was mostly glad. But my 2nd rooster took command. He was ripping up my hens so badly I just had to get rid of him. I ended up shooting him. But right now I just...
  15. marvun22

    Question about raising baby geese with others

    Can baby geese be raised with baby chickens? I know ducks can be raised with geese, and chickens with ducks, but I'm not sure about this. I thought about getting a couple some (about 4-6) yesterday, but I delayed the idea so I could put them in a larger group. I am going to have about 12 ducks...
  16. marvun22

    I need a link to an article on how to tame chicks

    There was that one article that was featured on the front of this website a couple of weeks ago. It told us the best way to tame baby chicks. It started by telling us to let them settle for a couple of days. Anyone know what article this was? And if you know, could you send me a link if you have it?
  17. marvun22

    How long can baby chicks survive in the mail????

    Okay here's the problem. I ordered 18 chicks from Meyer Hatchery. They were supposed to come Tuesday-Thursday. Now here's the problem. The darn (I don't wanna cuss on this website) Post Office "missent" to Phoenix. It was in Cleveland and it was supposed to ship to Minneapolis (I live in North...
  18. marvun22

    problem with waterer

    This is the waterer that I have problems with. Here is the problem. After I fill it, water goes into the trough for them to drink. After they drink all the water that is there originally, it just doesn't...
  19. marvun22

    Spring Chicks Ordered

    I finally got on, dropped $120 on this year's spring chicks. I ordered from Meyer Hatchery. Here's what I ordered. 5 White Broilers (for my neighbor to get my order to 15 to save money on shipping) 1 EE female 1 Black Jersey Giant Female 1 Barnvelder Female 1 Partridge Cochin Female 2 Speckled...
  20. marvun22

    Duck vs Goose Decision

    I am debating right now this problem. I already am getting for sure 6 ducks. Now here is the problem. I'm not sure whether to get 2 geese or 3 ducks as my finishing touches on the order. I already have 1 pair of geese. They are loud, annoying, great defenders, and very tame. Part of the reason I...
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