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  1. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Feed sack recycling ideas??

    Haha i love the cow bib! Wish my neice was still in bibs I'd make her one :)
  2. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Other ways to cull?

    Its actually alot easier than you would think and you can practice by dispatching then your preferred mehod first and then try the pithing. I tried it on a quail the other day and wow it dry plucked amazing!! they are already pretty easy to pluck of course...
  3. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Other ways to cull?

    Pithing: insert the tip of a sharp knife up through the open mouth into the brain. And you are trying for a quick death so could jiggle the knife around the be sure... i have done this with chickens before, not as the main killing but immediately after cutting their jugulars when butchering...
  4. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Ended Official BYC Mini Contest - Poultry Pair Photo Contest

    Frankincense and dorcus, silkies. they were teenagers at the time and are much fluffier now, i need to make them pose like this again now that they are prettier, and in brighter light.
  5. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Dry membrane

    How'd your hatch go?
  6. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    To be or not to be... a frizzle?

    What a little trickster she was! Every now and then i have a cochin who tricks me teasing me its going to be a frizzle and getting me all excited. Hopefully you can get a frizzle sometime though, they are so very cute!
  7. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Extreme Temps in Quail Incubator

    No, quail are always happier the more room they get! Since im down to two sets of six total birds, one of my trios has an entire duplex rabbit hutch to themselves, they love it!
  8. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    My quail is under the

    Probably not a stone then if he doesnt have access to the ground or unfiltered sand, that was one thoughy I had as i have had birds eat stones too big for them before! You say hatch mates, does this mean more than one male? Because at his age gis hormones have started raging and they will start...
  9. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Dry membrane

    You can use coconut oil on the membrane if you are very worried about it. But 70 percent is more than fine, maybe even too high, but i hatch my quail more of the dry side compared to chickens... you hightened the humidity at lockdown right? Sometimes a membrane can appear dryer than you think...
  10. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    My quail is under the

    Feel his crop to see if something hard is stuck in it, what do you use for bedding? What is his entire environment like? How many, bedding, food, etc. Also what is the roof situation, my first thought is he his his head... they are very prone to popcorning upwards and getting themselves injured...
  11. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Edible plants in aviary

    I've fed it to my chickens, not a whole lot though... I have some growing now that when its bigger i had planned to feed to my Q's, if it makes them sick I'll let you all know. Found this: says its safe for chickens, whats safe for chickens is usually or even always safe for quail right...
  12. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    why are some of my quail dying ?

    Yoy can refrigerate or even freeze the bird maybe?
  13. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Will male Coturnix quail crow louder in the presence of other males?

    It just depends on their individual personalities, you will have to wait and see, but having more than one in the same room does increase the odds for loud crowing battles... having enough hens each may help too though.
  14. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    BYC reader finally registers saying, "Hi"

    Welcome :) Oh whats your weenie dogs name? And show me a pic if you can! I have two myself, golden and lucius, and my sister has 2, bruce and pearl, my other sister has one named jasper, my uncle has one named pete and my mom has two, cookie and meri, She used to breed them so we all got to...
  15. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Chickens have poopy bottoms

    It could also be as simple as they went crazy in the garden and gave themselves diarhea, I've done that to mine before by giving them too many weeds, just this spring after the winter. (Even though they had store bought greens all winter) when i started giving them weeds again they really went...
  16. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    New Quail owner in Arizona

    Mine wouldn't touch the oyster shell. I dry and then crush up egg shells from my chickens to feed to the chickens and the quail, but the quail dont really care about it either so i dont bother giving it to them that often anymore... if i notice thin shells i will add it back. I do supplement...
  17. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Coturnix Quail

    Good idea, they go insane for mealworms! I'll set some of their feed to soaking tonight and give it another go. OP once you get your flock thinned out you should find they are not as messy as chickens but do tend to be stinkier. (Another reason I should try the fermented feed again!) Since i...
  18. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Coturnix Quail

    Have you done this successfully with your quail? Mine hardly want to touch the fermented feed, or smash it flat and think they have no food! But I do fermented food with my chickens. Maybe i will try again with the Q's, I know my chickens waste zero food and seem healthier on it. and my Q's...
  19. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Edible plants in aviary

    Mine love spinach, dill, parlsey, oregano and lemon balm, have not tried mint yet. They also love sunflower heads. Im thinking of planting boxes of herbs all around the base of my pen, on the outside, the herbs and spinach will hopefully grow through the wire somewhat for the Q's to eat. Last...
  20. Little Jerry Seinfeld

    Starting my Phoenix quail adventure

    So true! Even though its awful in reality, describing it that way gave me a laugh :) Op nice area! I think they will be cool enough im in n.m. where it gets lots of days above 100 and a few above 110, i keep some of my quail where they start getting shade about 12 on, i t hink for extra shade...
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