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  1. TriciaChickens

    Need Advice!! Floppy Comb & Poopy Butt (3yr old New Hampshire Red)

    Hi all, Meet Lucy, my NHR. She is a mystery and I need some advice... First 1 yr ago she stopped laying eggs. No change in behavior and have checked her for typical worms, lice, mites, etc. No obvious health issues. And I feed them S&P layer. The other chicken (same age) is laying. And...
  2. TriciaChickens

    Broken Eggs 35% of the Time - WHY?

    Hoping that some insight can come from this knowledgeable group! I have a small (2 girls ) flock. One is a New Hampshire Red and the other is an Ameraucana. About 35% of the NHR eggs are broken. I don’t think she is pecking them since there is lots of yolk. I also have porcelain eggs in the...
  3. TriciaChickens

    CreveCoeur - any experience, feedback?

    Looking to augment my small backyard flock and am intrigued with the CreveCoueur hen. Currently have 2 hens (had to rehome one) and want to add 3 to the group. Have a New Hampshire and an Ameracana. Looking for breeds that are between 5.5 - 6.5 lbs and are fine with confinement (12'x18' coop and...
  4. TriciaChickens

    New from Palo Alto

    Hi all, BYC has been a great resource to me over the last 3 years that I have had chickens and I am finally joining! I am in Palo Alto and also participate in the local Yahoo Group: svchickens. Here is some information about me.. How many chickens do you have right now? 2 chickens. Recently...
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