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  1. saltandpepper

    vinegar ?

    Do you put vinegar in newborn chicks water?
  2. saltandpepper

    petrified in missouri

    I have a horrible problem this morning. Last night the storm took out our power. We had to get a generator to plug the incubator back in. It was down for an hour more or less. The temperature dropped to 55. It ran with the generator for several hours until the power came back on and we...
  3. saltandpepper

    information on egg carton incubation

    Good morning and also a Happy Valentines Day to all ! I was reading somewhere about incubating eggs in an egg carton. Can anyone tell me about this method and what procedures you are supposed to follow? Is this a good method ? If you are using an incubator with a turner you would still have to...
  4. saltandpepper

    some crazy questions about hatching eggs !

    I know I can find out the answers if I ask you all so I just have to take the plunge and forget about seeming totally illiterate. I have been wondering if the eggs get cold after the chickens lay them if it affects them hatching. Our chickens are not in a heated area and it has been quite cold...
  5. saltandpepper

    Hello to all memebers !

    Good Morning to all members of this unique forum. I would like to introduce myself and say that I am glad to be a new member. This is all quite interesting. I got into the chicken business last spring because of my grandchildren. We were at the local farm store and they faneggled me into getting...
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