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  1. BY Bob

    11 month old Easter Egger Rooster in need of a good home

    Jabberwocky is an 11 month old Easter Egger rooster who is living with us in a development. We would keep him if it were not for the crowing. The neighbors have been tolerant but he needs a better place to live. He has been very good with his 3 hens, does not over use them, tidbits for them...
  2. BY Bob

    Fluffy Butt Acres: Stories of our flock

    I have been wanting to do this for some time now. I knew once I started doing this there would be no going back. So I am now diving in and I hope you all enjoy coming along for the ride. First of all let me tell you how we view our flock as that will help you to understand why we treat them...
  3. BY Bob

    Happy New Year All!

    Jabber can't stop partying after his first New Year's Eve. How about your chickens?
  4. BY Bob

    Lethargic hen with diarrhea leaving white residue in butt feathers

    I have a hen that is suddenly lethargic. She stopped laying 2 days ago. She has had watery stools on and off for 3 weeks. I assumed it was because of the high heat at the time. Starting yesterday she became lethargic and is not moving around much. Her craw was full last night just not as hard as...
  5. BY Bob

    Belated New Member Introduction

    It's funny how time flies. I bumped into this web site 2.5 years ago and thought "Well I'll give this a quick try. I'm not sure how I fell about this." I thought I poke around gather some info and move on. Why bother introducing yourself when you won't be around long. This is the ONLY...
  6. BY Bob

    Chicken Happiness is..........

    A spot in the sun on a cold winter's day
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