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  1. Poppy Putentake

    Seeking comments on 4' x 8' coop design (was: ....ultimate chicken tractor/mobile coop...)

    This is a continuation of the thread here.. I'm planning a coop for up to about 10-12 hens, at this point have narrowed my ideas down to this list of features I want: • Walk in, for ease of cleaning, adjusting ventilation, catching chickens, etc.; • Built-in feeders and waterers • Probably 4'x...
  2. Poppy Putentake

    Why external nesting boxes?

    Lots of the coop designs I've seen lately have external nesting boxes, and I really wonder why. I'm all for being able to check for eggs from outside, and I have a door for that on my current tractor -- a vertical door with the hinge on the bottom, so when I open it, I am opening up the back...
  3. Poppy Putentake

    Seeking design suggestions for the ultimate chicken tractor/mobile coop for a small flock

    Hi all, I've currently got 5 hens, am planning to build a new shelter for them, and to accommodate a possible (modest) increase in number. I'm open to suggestions on design and layout from those more experienced than I. For a large flock, the traditional walk-in type coop makes sense, but for...
  4. Poppy Putentake

    Low-Tech Winter Waterers -- Insulated and otherwise

    Here is how to make the simple waterers I have been using for my small (5 birds) flock of chickens through Vermont winters. No electricity needed! For insulated waterers, I start with two plastic containers like these. One will fit inside the other. The inner one originally held about 11 oz...
  5. Poppy Putentake

    Great new product for padock system managment!

    Hi all, The attached ad appeared in my local newspaper today (1 April, 2019). Poppy
  6. Poppy Putentake

    Sailor Chicken

    Monique "Momo" the hen is sailing around the world, accompanied by her faithful human, Guirec Soudée. Guirec is from France, Monique is from the Canary Islands. See:
  7. Poppy Putentake

    Buckeye or Red?

    Last May I got some new chicks, including one that was supposed to be a Buckeye. Now that she is a grown hen, I'm wondering whether she might actually be a Rhode Island Red or a New Hamphire Red. The main thing is, this hen has a large single comb, and Buckeyes are supposed to have a small pea...
  8. Poppy Putentake

    Movable Greenhouse -- pictures and construction details

    Hi all, I reently started a thread at the "Coop and Run" forum about the small movable greenhouse I built. Go there for pictures and details about how to build and use a moveable greenhouse. See...
  9. Poppy Putentake

    Moveable Greenhouse Rotation as a Chicken Padock

    Hi all, I have a small (13' x 18' 8") moveable greenhouse, the frame constructed of steel conduit for the arches plus some PVC conduit for the skids and ridgepole, and wood to frame the ends. (I would be glad to share the construction method with anyone who contacts me backchannel.) In devising...
  10. Poppy Putentake

    Severe Prolapse (and Abnormal Eggs)

    Hi all, Today my almost two-year-old Golden Comet (almost) suddenly developed a very large prolapse -- about the size of an apple, and bright red. My impression is that the tissues are engorged with blood. The prolapsed tissues look like two ducts side by side -- I presume the anus on the right...
  11. Poppy Putentake

    Abnormal "Egg"

    This morning I found a strange object in a nesting box. It was an opaque, pale yellow mass about half the size of an egg, with a texture a little like fat and a little like jello. It smelled like blood. Could this be a discharge from a hen's egg-laying tract? If so, does it indicate any known...
  12. Poppy Putentake

    Best economical fencing for vegetable garden

    Hi all, I've had chickens for a year now. They were okay free-ranging in the garden last year while half grown, but this year it is looking like the garden needs to be fenced in. (Also, a neighbor has ducks that often wander over and eat everything. So, what kind of fencing do you...
  13. Poppy Putentake

    Lame Pullet with Leg Masses

    Hi All, My 10-month old Barred Rock hen has been favoring her right leg - limping slightly and standing on one leg (the other leg) a lot. She had a bout of lameness about last Novemeber that passed in less than week but now seems to have come back. (The chickens were snowed in a lot this...
  14. Poppy Putentake

    Marketing Eggs from Backyard Flocks - USDA Video

    The United States Department of Agriculture has produced this Informative video about selling eggs from small flocks of chickens.
  15. Poppy Putentake

    Partly-Pasted-up Grown Chicken

    Hi all, I've got a Barred Rock hen 9 months old that's been laying eggs since age 7 months (2 months ago). Lately I've noticed the eggs from this particular hen have dirty streaks on them. I just took a look at her hind end, and there is a mass of partly dried, partly frozen feces, about the...
  16. Poppy Putentake

    Eating Snow

    Hi all, I've noticed my chickens eating snow lately. They appear to prefer eating snow over using horiontal nipple watterers, although open containers of water are their first choice. They were raised on vertical nipple watterers from day one, and that is how I usually supply water during...
  17. Poppy Putentake

    Best Breeds for Tractors?

    Hi all, Will be placing my order for (6-8) chicks soon. I plan to get them from my local feed store, because of the high shipping cost of chicks from hatcheries. The feed store has a limited selection: (Here in order of what I am tending to favor): Black Sexlink Buff Orpington Cornish Cross...
  18. Poppy Putentake

    Electrolytes -- what kind, if any, best for chicks?

    Hi all, I looked at the ingredients of two different kinds of commercial electrolytes, and noticed that they appeared to be quite different! "Sav-a-Chick" has Potassium Chloride as the first ingredient, while Durvet "Vitamins and Electrolytes" has Sodium Chloride first. Physiologically, Sodium...
  19. Poppy Putentake

    Buckets as Nesting Boxes?

    Hi all, I'm about to build the quarters for my first flock of chickens and want to ask about nesting boxes. I've seen quite a bit on the Internet about 5-gallon plastic buckets as nesting boxes. I can see several advantages -- durability, ease of fabrication, and ease of cleaning, but I'd like...
  20. Poppy Putentake

    Size When Chicks Ready to Leave Brooder?

    Hi all, I'm planning to get my first chicks this coming June. They will probably be Black Sex Links and/or Golden Comets. I'm planning to keep them under a heat lamp in my garage at first, then transfer them to an outdoor tractor. Questions: What age will they be when they are ready to be...
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