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  1. MsChickenMomma

    Sunni and Stephen - The House Chickens

    These are my two house pets, Sunni and Stephen. I have written a page on here about Sunni before. She came into my house when she was 10 weeks old due to an illness and needed some rehabilitation. That was two years ago, and she's still in here. She has lived in my house for almost two years...
  2. MsChickenMomma

    Madame Sunni (LOTS of pictures)

    This is Sunni. She was hatched May 6, 2013. I have owned a lot of chickens in the last three years, and she is by far my favorite. When she was a baby she was very curious, and skittish. I couldn't handle her, but she was such a goof ball and so much fun to watch. When I would take photos...
  3. MsChickenMomma

    MsChickenMomma's Flock

    I have been raising chickens for the last 3 years. It has been quite the journey with lots of ups and downs. I currently have a flock of 23 chickens. One rooster and 22 hens. My very first chickens were rescues. My grandfather was raising them for eggs. He pretty much had a commercial farm in...
  4. MsChickenMomma

    Strangulation in tongue mimics Wet Fowl Pox

    WARNING! Somewhat graphic photos! NOT for the squeamish! (this is a very long and detailed post. It is for educational purposes.) It all started July 17, 2013. I had my 10 week old pullets outside in their cage so they could get some fresh air, grass, and bugs. I went out at...
  5. Our Chicken Coop (aka Randy's coop)

    Our Chicken Coop (aka Randy's coop)

    Here is our coop. It is approximately 7x8ft. This is the view of the coop from the doorway. Their little chicken door is what you see in the back on the wall, and their nest boxes are on the right. This is the view from the wall in the back. These are our nest boxes. They are over 100...
  6. MsChickenMomma

    The life of a Chicken

    These are my chickens. I currently have a flock of 24 chickens. Two roosters, thirteen hens and nine pullets. This is the "Alpha" of the flock, Randy. He is almost two years old, and he is a Rhode Island Red. He doesn't like to be touched or handled, but he is an amazing and sweet rooster, and...
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