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  1. hdowden

    Breeds: Start to finish photos

    This will be a little project to under go that may take awhile but will hopefully help everyone out. This will be a start to finish "growth" page. Here you will eventually be able to hopefully find pics of any breed and variety from chick to at least 8 months of age. As I said this will not be...
  2. Is my chicken a pullet/hen or a cockerel/cock??

    Is my chicken a pullet/hen or a cockerel/cock??

    This is the age old question of most new comers and even some experienced chicken owners: Is my chick/chicken a pullet/hen or a cockerel/cock? I will compile a few tips along with pics to try and help with the sexing of your chick/chicken. ~ I see/feel spur bumps does this mean my chick is a...
  3. hdowden

    My Kids Feathered Friends

    it started with 2 but then grew to 16 little bantams that have just started to give us eggs and the kids are so happy :D the man blue boy who thinks he's everything lol he's about 1 year and 3 months old, and he's my pain in the butt. next up is domino he's my 1 year old oegb. he loves his...
  4. hdowden

    Hdowdens Member Page

    hi everyone and welcome. i am in the process of making this page so please bare with me :) to start the main type of chickens i like to keep are the bantam sized ones. i only have 3 and they are 2 oeg and one self blue d'uccle. i have just resecently ordered some more d'uccle eggs and one day i...
  5. hdowden


    Breed Details: Very Quiet Breed, second only to the Muscovy. They are very docile , are excellent foragers, but can be slighly shy. They are a Mediun Weight Class duck, and cannot fly. Rooster Hen Egg Chick Adolescent
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