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  1. countrydreamer8

    Comment by 'countrydreamer8' in article 'Composting With Chickens'

    Hi everyone & Happy New Year. I've been going over several of the forums and this one caught my eye. I'm a first time chicken keeper and I'm loving. They are now 10 mo. old and very active. I ordered 6 Buff Orpington hens and ended up with 5 hens an a rooster! I love my rooster [Arthur] and...
  2. countrydreamer8

    Dog attack... It's been Over 2 weeks

    Hi, I was online looking for was to humanely put a chicken down and came across your problem. I feel so bad for you and I don't know how I would handle the same situation. How do people actually humanely put down one of their chickens?
  3. countrydreamer8

    What is Diatomaceous Earth???

    I didn't know that I could put this DE their food? Very interesting
  4. countrydreamer8

    What is Diatomaceous Earth???

    My now 13 week old Buffs have been 'free ranging' for at least 6 weeks now should I be concerned about them getting grit? Do I buy grit and put it in a bowl for them to eat or just mix it in with their food? They're not laying eggs yet so I've been told that the chick starter/grower is good to...
  5. countrydreamer8

    Coop Location - We live on a hill facing south

    Hi I live in Upstate NY just 7 miles south of Lake Ontario. Our winters do get very cold in fact this past winter we broke a record in Feb. I've already got 2 very narrow windows in this shed which will work in the winter months.
  6. countrydreamer8

    Coop Location - We live on a hill facing south

    thank you Jetdog I will see if I can send a picture from my iPhone. in the meantime just picture a 8x10 shed kit sitting on a deck attached to the back of a garage. the human doors are facing the NW & the back of the shed is SE 118 degrees
  7. countrydreamer8

    First day out

    Awesome! what was the temp? I live in the NE and my new chicks are 4wks old today so I'm not sure if they're too young
  8. countrydreamer8

    Your Backyard Flock - Past, Present, and Future

    Good Morning, I'm new to raising chickens, just bought my first 6 Buff Orpingtons and they are 4 weeks old today. I noticed in your picture that you have the 'roost' in front of the nesting boxes and I do like that idea. However, with all the reading I've been doing I thought the roost was or...
  9. countrydreamer8

    Coop Location - We live on a hill facing south

    Good Morning All, I have a similar problem except I have 2 sheds already in place but I don't know which one would be the better one to use. Right now they 1 mo. old chicks are in the 1/2 shed [4' x 8'] attached to the back of my garage. Very convenient for me since all I have to do is go...
  10. countrydreamer8

    Sure way to tell the difference between a rooster and a hen

    Hello All, this is my first time having chickens. I received 6 Buff Orpingtons on March 20th [they were born on the 18th]. I thought [was told] that I got 6 hens, however I now believe the one that I've been calling Abby is really an Albert. He does seem a little more assertive then the other...
  11. countrydreamer8

    Comment by 'countrydreamer8' in article 'How To Raise Baby Chicks—The First 60 Days Of Raising Baby Chickens'

    Hello I have purchased 6 Buff Orpingtons which were born on March 18th and I picked them up on the 20th. I guess 've rushed things a bit because I put up a little roost [4"] off the floor about a week after I got them and it only took maybe 2 days to hop on it was so exciting. This past...
  12. countrydreamer8

    baby chick treats

    thank you for the info. I will wait a few more weeks before giving them anything I know one od tem grabbed l which I thought was hysterical because the other 5 chick just cased her around the brooder trying to get it.
  13. countrydreamer8

    baby chick treats

    How old do my new chicks have to be before I can give them some treats, what kind of treats do you start out with?
  14. countrydreamer8

    5 day old chick treats

    Can anyone tell me whether or not you can give your new chicks treats?
  15. countrydreamer8

    Comment by 'countrydreamer8' in article 'Chicken Treat Chart—the Best Treats for Backyard Chickens'

    what about 4 day old chicks? what can I give them for a treat?
  16. countrydreamer8

    New Chicks! Happy Spring

    hello all, my chicks survived their first night, I was so worried they wouldn't. tomorrow they'll be 4 days old so I was wondering if there's something I can put in their area to keep them amused or are they still too young? Also can we give them treats at this young age? If so what kind of...
  17. countrydreamer8

    New Chicks! Happy Spring

    Good Point. right now the coop I set up is only 4'x8' which allows for at least 8 chickens if I'm understanding everything I've read. However, you do make a good point by stating that I might want to add every year. I will have to think this through, thanks for the 'wisdom'
  18. countrydreamer8

    New Chicks! Happy Spring

    I'm thinking that I might want to get a couple more chicks to make 8 count. Wouldn't it be smart to do this now while they're all young so as to discourage 'pecking'?
  19. countrydreamer8

    New Chicks! Happy Spring

    I just got my very first chicks this morning and I'm so excited! I got 6 Buff Orpingtons and they're so adorable. They all seem to be doing great except for 1 she seems a little groggy. I was told that I should give her some time and if she didn't perk up to call the grain feed store back...
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