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  1. PrincessTamTam

    Rooster picks on only one hen

    No she stopped laying. So I found a lovely new home for Lafawnduh the roo that was picking on Mildred. Funny thing is though when I put Mildred back in the coop I had the kennel in there without the door on, Mildred likes the kennel . . .I suppose after being a house chicken for 5 weeks she has...
  2. PrincessTamTam

    Rooster picks on only one hen

    I have the same problem and have resorting to having the rooster or the sad hen in the dog kennel in the coop, I am advertising to get rid of this rooster (the hen was here first) and the other rooster is fine. Did you come to a resolve??? I am so desperate I don't know what to do, the rooster...
  3. PrincessTamTam

    Comment by 'PrincessTamTam' in article 'Chicken Coop Ventilation - Go Out There And Cut More Holes In Your Coop!'

    Ventilation is important however when the article mentions that the temp might dip a bit low on a night now or then. . .we have -45 temps (yes it is the same in C and F when you get that low) for days on end, weeks on end so it is unrealistic to keep the windows open. I clean poop every morning...
  4. PrincessTamTam

    First Winter? What temp do you wait until "turning the lamp on"?

    We get as low as -45C here which pretty much is the same in Fahrenheit. I do have a red light in my well ventilated well insulated coop and the coldest it got in the coop last year was -8C which is 17F. I think I might back off a bit this year (we learn as we go along right?). Tonight it is only...
  5. PrincessTamTam

    The 2nd Rate the avatar of the person above you!

    10, I am a cat lover <3
  6. PrincessTamTam

    Water heater

    We built two water heaters out of old cookie tins. Drill a hole in the side, run the wire through, attache the hardware and screw in the lightbulb. The tin itself rests in a wooden box and the waterer sits onto of the tin lid. It works great and we made two for each of our 7 gallon waterers.
  7. PrincessTamTam

    Manitoba Members

    Hello Fellow Manitobans! I was given a clutch of fertilized eggs last spring for my broody Rhode Island Red and she hatched them and all was great until I have now discovered I have 4 roosters . . . I didn't want any roo's! I will keep two but I can't keep four. I have an add on Kijiji right...
  8. PrincessTamTam

    when to separate broody hen and her chicks

    I have 10 browns with such great personalities, took another brown (she is called Henny Penny . . nuff said) and a Rhode Island from a neighbour last year. This spring I bought 5 Columbian Plymouth Rocks and my Rhode Island went broody. So I got her some fertilized eggs and she hatched 6 chicks...
  9. PrincessTamTam

    100 Pictures of Our Flocks: A Community Picture Project

    Quote: Oooooo I am getting five of these to add to my flock in May. They are called Plymouth Rocks here (Manitoba) They are so beautiful
  10. PrincessTamTam

    100 Pictures of Our Flocks: A Community Picture Project

    I should have said #24 for the picture up above
  11. PrincessTamTam

    100 Pictures of Our Flocks: A Community Picture Project

    Yes that would be a house chicken casually walking around my living room. Just don't tell the neighbours, they think I am crazy enough already.
  12. PrincessTamTam

    secure hutch as well?

    I have a 12x10 coop, well insulted and 4 triple pane windows for our friged -45C winters. The run is 12x12x14 and the fencing is 1 inch welded square 16 gauge wire on all sides and ceiling. Their little chicken hutch was cut out today so I moved the lock from the coop door to the run door. The...
  13. PrincessTamTam

    What you're doing at this moment in three words-no more or less

    listening chicken monitor (my girls are spending their first night in the coop, am staring at the baby/chicken monitor)
  14. PrincessTamTam

    Explaining Chicken Math

    OMG I have ten brown leghorns this year, first time chicken mom. I have a huge well insulated well ventilated coop (my husband built for me) and I know next year my chicken math will be much like all of yours. I am so in love with these chickens it is crazy.
  15. PrincessTamTam

    my girls are spending the night outside alone... so nervous

    Mine are still inside (4 weeks old) and their coop is being finished right now (converting our children's playhouse into a coop). I swear I am going to spend the first night in there with them, cause I am that crazy of a first time chicken mom
  16. PrincessTamTam

    Manitoba Members

    Thank you PPP!
  17. PrincessTamTam

    Roost length?

    Hi What is a poop board? Do you have large pictures you could post of the roost and the poop board? We are converting the childrens playhouse into a coop right now and have no clue about what to do for the roost. thanks
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