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  1. olivigus

    worried about one of my chicks

    Would love to get some advice. I have five 10-day old chicks being raised by a broody hen. They have their own smaller coop and a separate little run area. This past weekend they went outside with mama for the first time. All have been very active and lively up till now. But last evening I...
  2. olivigus

    Mareks and motherhood

    I have a year-old blue wyandotte hen who has gone determinedly broody. I've had her in a broody breaker pen off and on a few days at a time for weeks now. She seems to get over it, then a week later she's fluffed up and gurgling and haunting the nest boxes again. I've let a broody raise a few...
  3. olivigus

    Can a chicken have a stroke?

    Had a big scare with one of my youngsters this weekend. I have four 10-week-old pullets that were raised by one of our hens who went broody this spring. They are still in their own small coop and yard in a corner of the big pen. When I opened the door in the morning on Saturday only three of...
  4. olivigus

    Mama appears to be done with sitting but one chick is only started to there something I c

    We got our broody hen 6 fertilized eggs--3 olive eggers and 3 copper marans. She was sitting in one of the coop nest boxes and happy so we let her brood there. This Wednesday--the 21st day--all 3 olive eggers hatched and are lively and doing really well. She kept sitting on the other eggs...
  5. olivigus

    Coming aboard from Ben Lomond, CA

    Hi all you feathered-friend-loving folks! I've finally made a profile after lurking around here for years! We started our flock last spring, although I'd been indulging in chicken dreams long before that. I appreciate all the great info on this site and spent hours looking at all the coop...
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