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  1. chad s

    adding to flock

    Hi we currently have 3, 2 year old rhode island reds. We would like to add another 3 or 4 birds to the flock. I would like to find young three or four month old birds and not start with chicks. We have a coup and enclosed outdoor run large enough to handle the additional birds. How do I...
  2. chad s


    Ok, I am still trying to research some different types of auto waters. I am trying to decide between the cups or nipples. I want to feed the set up from a 15 gallon plastic barrel. I plan on having a couple of drinkers in the run and the coop. I want to use a heater in the barrel for cold...
  3. chad s

    suet cakes

    Ok, I make homemade suet cakes for the wild birds in the winter. Is it ok to feed to the chickens? It's made using lard, oatmeal, thistle, raisens, nuts, and what ever elseI have laying around.
  4. chad s

    chicken watering

    Ok, we have 9 RIR 8 week old poop machines. We recently moved them to the coop. My issue now is figuring out a water system. I think a gravity system would work best for us but can not realy hang a 5 gallon bucket in the coop due to space restrictions. I have been reading a lot about the nipples...
  5. chad s

    door size

    I have RI reds. How big should I make their door from the coop to the run?
  6. chad s

    feeding and watering

    Ok, going to be moving the chicks to their coop soon. I am trying to work out a feeding and watering system. I think I got the details worked out but have a couple questions. The coop is about 20" off the ground and fenced in so they have full run under coop. There is also an attached fenced run...
  7. chad s

    coop design

    Ok so after reading some other post's I'm going to change my in the floor door design to in the wall. My coop is about 24" off the ground with the underside of the coop being part of the run. My question is, can I just leave the door to the run open all the time? The run will be covered and...
  8. chad s

    week old peeps

    Can I give our baby peeps that are about 1 1/2 weeks old any kind of treat? I have freeze dried meal worms for the blue birds that I rehydrate. Can they have them?
  9. chad s

    new to chickens

    Hi, new to forum and chickens. Our 9 new peeps are now a week old. I have them in a converted 30 gallon rubber maid container. Will I have to make a bigger pen for them before going outside to the coop? Right now they are in our dinning room getting a lot of attention. Thanks Chad
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