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  1. Shannon33

    Broody silkie hen and four silkie chicks P.U. Eastern Shore, VA

    *PLEASE DON'T BID JUST LET ME KNOW IF INTERESTED* I have a small coop and need to make some room. The hen is 10 months old. She is broody at the moment and is pretty much always broody, lol. She has hatched out chicks before and is a very good broody and mother. She is pet quality only, she...
  2. Shannon33

    Photo update on odd colored silkie chick

    Hey all, Late last summer I had a silkie chick hatch that I was unsure of the color on. I posted pics here and people were very helpful, I can't remember everyones name but thank you! Anyway thought I would update now that the baby is all grown up. As a chick Now all grown up. Not a very...
  3. Shannon33

    Tips for pretty extras

    I see a lot of people that add just a little something extra to make their coops look pleasing, a weather vane, some hanging plants, etc. and was wondering if anyone would like to share some tips they have.
  4. Shannon33

    Why do a lot of people give their chickens "little old lady" names?

    I am NOT judging because I do it too sometimes I am just wondering how this all started. And my apologies to anyone who has a "little old lady" name, no offense is meant, and besides, a lot of them are quite lovely
  5. Shannon33

    Can someone please tell me how old these chicks are?

    Hi, I was in a pet store today and to my surprise they had chicks. They had some Polish which I have always wanted and so naturally I couldn't resist. However I have no idea how old they are and neither did the person working there. I have only ever had silkies so I'm not very familiar with the...
  6. Shannon33

    First swap, anything I should know?

    I am new and going to my first buy/sell/trade meet up at the local feed store. I have some silkies babies to sell that will be a month old by then. I was wondering what a reasonable fee would be for one month old birds (just pet quality) and also if I needed to bring anything like small boxes to...
  7. Shannon33

    Odd colored silkie hatched.

    I had a silkie chick hatch a little early ( Day 18 ) A hen was sitting on them and when I checked on her this one egg was smashed in on one side I did a search on here and found an old thread and followed some advice. I wrapped it in a wet paper towel and stuck it in my incubator. Anyway he...
  8. Shannon33

    Some advice please.

    OK, I asked something earlier last week about hens unexpectedly going broody. Two of my hens were both sitting on 20 eggs together. People advised just to leave them for now. They are due to hatch approximately late next week. All the eggs are developing. My husband is fashioning a little pen...
  9. Shannon33

    Is this OK?

    I bought an incubator because someone told me hens will not brood until they are a year old. For this same reason, I had no nest boxes or anything set up yet. Anyway, a week after I bought my incubator, one of the hens starting sitting on some eggs. I peeked and she had 11 of them. I just let...
  10. Shannon33

    New to hatching have a question please

    Hello, This is my first time hatching eggs. My husband bought me an incubator last week. I put 10 eggs in. I candled the eggs tonight (the seventh day) as the manual suggested. Six of the eggs looked like they were supposed to according to what I have read online, a small mass and red veiny...
  11. Shannon33

    White silkie cockerel free

    This is Marilyn (lol). He is 9 weeks old. He needs a new home as I only have room for one boy. He is a nice bird, a little timid but calm once you hold him. He will take treats from your hand. My zip code is 23306. If you live north of that I can transport as I sometimes go up that way. If you...
  12. Shannon33

    Help with a bit of silkie sexing please.

    They were born March 3rd, so they are 9 weeks old. know it's a little early to tell but a few seem very obvious already and I need to re home roosters. I hear little "trying to learn to crows" coming from the pen and I have two I am almost sure of and one suspect. Also, I am keeping one rooster...
  13. Shannon33

    Can you donate birds?

    I bought 8 silkie chicks. I might keep one rooster but I am sure there is bound to be more. It's been sorta bothering me wondering what I could do with the extras. I don't want to give them away for free to strangers as I would worry about their fate, and I am afraid with all the surplus...
  14. Shannon33

    What colour are these chicks?

    Hi! I bought 8 silkies. 1 white, 1 buff, 2 grays, 2 partridge, and 2 blues. The white, buff, and grays I can tell easy, but of my remaining 4 I am not sure which is which. Does anyone know? I am thinking 1 and 2 are the blues but 1 is very light. All 4 of these chicks have similar markings on...
  15. Shannon33

    My First Chicks Came!!

    Ordered 8 assorted coloured silkie chicks from Ideal! They got here at 7 this morning! All healthy and happy!! and LOUD my goodness! lol. I took a few pictures, excuse the quality I am HORRIBLE at talking pictures Tried to take a picture of them IN the box but they wanted out bad! lol...
  16. Shannon33

    A few questions about my brooder

    Hi All, Okay, so my first ever chickens are due this week, so tonight I set my home made brooder up for a test drive. I bought a 250 watt red heat bulb and was worried after reading some here that it might be too hot, so figured I should try it out while I still have time to get a new one if...
  17. Shannon33

    Question about shavings from TSC

    Hi. I am getting my first ever chickens next week. Today I went to the TSC to get supplies and didn't see any shavings. When I asked someone where they were they said outside and to just tell the cashier and then grab them on my way out. I asked her for shavings for the baby chicks and she rang...
  18. Shannon33

    Hi I am new

    To the forums and chickens Well here is how it started. Last month I was driving down the highway and in the middle of nowhere I saw a chicken standing there at the side of the road. It was very cold out and there was literally nothing around, so I was concerned and turned around and got out...
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