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    Should I be worried???

    This chick will be 8 weeks old this weekend. She has always been the runt of the 16 that hatched. She is much smaller than the others, and has never seemed to grow new feathers. I have watched her quite a bit. She eats and drinks well and no one appears to picking on her or pecking at her...
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    Any idea what gender these 7 1/2 week old chicks might be?

    I must apologize first for picture quality and the muddy run. We have had over 8 inches of rain here in the last 2 days. These chickens are backyard mixes hatched by a friend. The only thing I know for sure about them is their father is an Americana. I am sure there are a lot of cockerels in...
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    Long time lurker, first time poster :) I have been reading through posts on this site for several months in preparation for my new flock. This site has been the best resource for “all things chicken.” Now that my flock is home, I figured I should join as I know that I will have several...
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