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  1. joella13b

    Swelling around Hen’s Eye

    Woke up to find my 7 month old hen with a swollen eye and face on the one side. She seems more sluggish than usual. I’m not sure if it is an infection or something else. Any treatment ideas and possible diagnoses?
  2. joella13b

    Chicken can’t stand and her butt is clogged with poop!

    I went out to check on my chickens and noticed my hen laying down in the coop while the rest of the chickens were out eating. I tried to pick her up and stand up her up but she couldn’t stand. I examined her and realized her butt was clogged with poop. I cleaned off the area with warm water and...
  3. joella13b

    Chicken with Injured Leg

    This morning I went in to the coop and saw one of my chickens no moving laying on the ground as the others ran out as I let the others out. I took her into the shade cause I saw she was over heated and gave her some food and water. Then I realized she couldn't walk and I looked at her foot and...
  4. joella13b

    My hen is unresponsive and has diarreha!

    So today I went out to feed my ducks and chicken and usually they all come run and eat (They have seperate pens). When I went into the chicken coop i noticed Snuggles, the hen, just laying there with her eyes closed, arching her back, so I figured she was just laying a egg or sleeping. About 10...
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