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  1. Munkeesmama

    Processed meat bird in california...

    We feed a raw diet to our dogs, and are sick of buying water logged chicken from the grocery store. We're looking for a good source for inexpensive (hopefully $1.50/lb or less) locally for processed meat birds. Does anybody know of any sources for meat chickens (or really any other meat) in...
  2. Munkeesmama

    The Aloha Chicken Project

    How much would 2 dozen eggs be to corona, ca 92880?
  3. Munkeesmama

    Bloody Egg & Gooped up vent - 1 year old hen

    Looks like vent prolapse
  4. Munkeesmama

    WEIRD clear balls in hatched egg...PICS

    Quote: peatr I did't save the shell or the "pearls" i do have pictures of the shell with the pearls in it, and also the pearls out of it.
  5. Munkeesmama

    WEIRD clear balls in hatched egg...PICS

    Quote: Thanks! I forwarded it to our local extension, but no answer...yet.
  6. Munkeesmama

    WEIRD clear balls in hatched egg...PICS

    Quote: I tried googling to no avail as well.
  7. Munkeesmama

    WEIRD clear balls in hatched egg...PICS

    I hav never seen anything like this. My last baby hatched out of the egg, leaving behind these 2 clear ball things. They feel "gel" filled. the chick appears to be healthy, no un absorbed yolk, etc. I have never seen anything like it before! What are these?
  8. Munkeesmama

    Any hope for this cross beak baby? Pic included

    It depends on how much care you want to provide. It may or may not get worse. We ha a cross beaked bird. We would trim her beak and offer her deeper feeding dishes. She didn't grow as well as the other chicks, and only lived to be about 6 months.
  9. Munkeesmama

    Flowering Vines in Run?

    'm not sure about the ones you have listed, but we have potato vines and they are just fine with the chickens.
  10. Munkeesmama

    Georgia Town BANS Public BreastFeeding!!!

    this thread makes me want to go to that small town in georgia, whip out my boobahs, and nurse my 2 year old.
  11. Munkeesmama

    Georgia Town BANS Public BreastFeeding!!!

    there is an 8 year old girl in the u.k. i believe somewhere that was still breastfed. I personally believe that's a little odd, but i wouldn't go so far as to say mom and child have a mental illness. I think as long as the nursing relationship is mutually beneficial and not forced it's none of...
  12. Munkeesmama

    Georgia Town BANS Public BreastFeeding!!!

    Quote: The american academy of pediatrics recommends breastfeeding until at LEAST 1, and further goes on to promote breastfeeding until the child is 2. the benefits of breastfeeding don't have a magic expiration date.
  13. Munkeesmama

    Georgia Town BANS Public BreastFeeding!!!

    Wow, CRAZY! I'm reading this as my own 26 month old nurses...
  14. Munkeesmama

    8+ Blue Copper Marans Eggs

    Do you have any more pictures?
  15. Munkeesmama

    Our first Broody!

    I move Miss Ducky into her broody box (dog crate) late last night and she settled right down. I left the cratw in the coop for an easier transition. This morning, I went to check on her, and she was still on the eggs and puffed up at me. Then, I threw out some scratch for the the other birds...
  16. Munkeesmama

    I need a second opinion... BETTER PICS

    I see saddle feathers.Roo!
  17. Munkeesmama

    Our first Broody!

    Well, the eggs arrived. They're from this auction . I'l be moving Miss Ducky tonight into her dog crate ad onto her new nest of eggs. Hopefully, she'll settle down easily once she's moved. Hopefully, I can remember to keep this...
  18. Munkeesmama

    Language problem.. Store or Shop

    How about Asia Baru Goods. Goods meaning, things, items. Dos not necessarily denote food or any other item, just vey vague, but gets the point across. Also is available. In economics and accounting, a good is a product that can be used to satisfy some desire or need. More...
  19. Munkeesmama

    Our first Broody!

    Quote: Awww, I was starting to think none of mine would. My hens are all about a year and a half or so, so not too bad.
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