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  1. hkeibard

    Who is this mystery chick with feathered feet?

    Hi - I have an interesting looking one week old mystery chick that came from Meyer Hatchery. It is one of the two "assorted rare" from Meyer Hatchery. Per their website: Possible breeds include: Ancona, Andalusian, Wyandotte, Delaware, Dominique, Jersey Giant, Brahma, Partridge Rock, Light...
  2. hkeibard

    Help - Injury? Matting? - Brand new chick

    Hi, Absolute newbie here. This morning I picked up chicks from Meyer Hatchery from the post office. One died in transit (got squished by the cardboard) and I suspect there was some pecking amongst the others (8 still alive). However, one of the chicks has one whole side matted down. Being so...
  3. hkeibard

    New to chickens - already built coop - tell me what's wrong (or right) - Florida

    Hi, I'm new to chickens (chicks arriving at end of month) and newly hatched on this forum today. Though I've been reading posts for months now (so helpful!) Coop is located in northeast Florida so the climate is mild. Gets colder here in northeast FL than it usually does in central or south...
  4. hkeibard

    New Member - Jacksonville Florida

    Hi All! First, let me say a big THANKS to all posters on this forum. I've been reading up here for a good while now and it's with the postings from everyone here (even the ones detailing sad outcomes) that has given me the encouragement/gumption I needed to order my first batch of chicks that...
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