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  1. Katie386

    How to get your chickens to love you

    I just found this great video on YouTube. I have only one chicken I need to work on so this helped me learn what I can do. I thought I would share it for anyone new to chickens and want to hug your birds like me.
  2. Katie386

    Chicken birthday!! 🐣🐥🐓🎉

    Today is the day that I got my first baby chicks exactly one year ago! Happy birthday babies!! i only have a small flock now. Which does work out easier for me but I really miss the rest. They are eating their favorite snack, its sprinkle cheese lol.
  3. Katie386

    I have too many chicks hens and roosters in Henderson texas

    I have severe social anxiety, I get anxiety just posting on this site, and I love animals to death. I cope with life through my animals and sometimes I get a little overboard. I collect stray kittens from around the neighborhood but thats a whole other problem I can’t control yet. But I got...
  4. Katie386

    I have too many In Henderson texas

    I have severe social anxiety, I get anxiety just posting on this site, and I love animals to death. I cope with life through my animals and sometimes I get a little overboard. I collect stray kittens from around the neighborhood but thats a whole other problem I can’t control yet. But I got...
  5. Katie386

    Red comb

    Is it 100% guaranteed that a five week old chick with a red comb is definitely a male? Or is it possible that it can still grow into a hen?? I have three red combed easter Eggers. Their combs are not perfect so not a perfect three row pea comb so I’m hoping that they can still be girls. I’m...
  6. Katie386


    Every once in awhile someone will leave an absolutely perfect question or response. I think there should be like a gold star reaction or something for just such a comment or question. Just saying. 🌠
  7. Katie386

    Something unexpected happened.

    So I was watching a YouTube video of a guy massaging his chickens and they seemed to love it so I tried it on my chickens. They were not amused... but I wanted it to work so I tried it on a young bird while he was in the coop. I didn’t mean to but I must have hit a “spot” because he started...
  8. Katie386

    I have 2 roosters to rehouse/ fowl pox

    So my flock came down with fowl pox. I freaked out did my research and did what I could to help them. But now that the virus has passed through most of the flock and they have recovered two of my young birds came into maturity as roosters. I need to rehome them but I don’t know if it’s wise to...
  9. Katie386

    Fowl pox beak aftermath help

    So I’m an idiot and I didn’t vaccinate my chickens. They all have fowl pox! patient zero is almost recovered. Her face was swollen and scabs covered her eyes and nose. I put her in intensive care and gave her cooked egg Yolks And put some Sulfadimethoxine in her water. her scabs are starting to...
  10. Katie386

    Rooster wingman!

    I have two roosters. One rooster (Red rocket) used to be my neighbors’ but he ran away to my house. Anyways when Rocket showed up he stole all the ladies. my rooster Charlie, was just hitting puberty so had no claim on hens yet. Now that Charlie is a man he cannot win the hens, he’s so...
  11. Katie386

    My heart is too big!

    I might have too many roosters but im I’m attached to them. I know you need 10 hens for every rooster, I have 9 hens, 7 pullets , 1 rooster , 1 cockerel, and 9 chicks. I think four of the chicks are male though that would be 6 roosters. My question really is : if I give away some roosters What...
  12. Katie386

    Not my rooster

    So my neighbors rooster and hen are always in my front yard. I have a bunch of hens and one small bantam cockerel In my back yard. My neighbor doesn’t care for his birds at all, his rooster has a severe case of bumble foot. I’ve tried shooing him off my property at first but that didn’t work. He...
  13. Katie386

    I think I killed a chick

    two hatched but werent drying for hours and crying loudly so I used the hair dryer on it for a couple seconds and lowered the heat lamp. When I came back one had stopped moving and had yellow liquid filled in its mouth. The other one is dryer but still crying loudly. I raised the heat lamp but...
  14. Katie386

    First time in brooder!

    My five little Easter Eggers hatched. They didn’t dry well in the incubator because I don’t have a fan So I put them in a warm brooder with a soft stuffed animal To crawl under. The dog on the left loves babies so much she probably won’t leave their side.
  15. Katie386

    Mystery chicks

    I’ve posted this already once but got no response so I’m trying one more time. The colors that are coming out on their wings is throwing me off. TSC told me they were gold sexlinks but they have feathered feet And are tiny. My broody hen is caring for them she’s not their real mom though.
  16. Katie386

    New babies!

    I adopted new chicks for my broody hen. The lady at TSC told me they were gold sex links and I believed her until I got home and saw feathers on their feet! i Did some research and the best I can guess is they are red Cochin and bantams but they have a yellow head and dark spots in the wings so...
  17. Katie386

    Incubating mess up. I have eggs 2 days apart, 12 and 13 days in incubator. When should I stop turning

    I know day 18 is lockdown now and realize I might have put my chicks in danger. Should I stop turning all the eggs on day 18/lockdown for the first half or should I keep turning the other half for an extra day. Would the opening of the incubator after lockdown harm the first half? Yeah I know I...
  18. Katie386

    My new chicks have horns!

    I got some polish babies and learned something new lol so cute. Their combs are very different, I hope they are females though. I saw some interesting pictures of Roos Though. Just sharing Something I think is interesting =) I love chickens! I can’t stop collecting... like Pokémon “gotta...
  19. Katie386

    Tsc bantam

    I got three bantams from tractor supply and I’m pretty sure about two. A barred rock Cochin male and a black Cochin female but the other one I thought was a bb old English grew a beard so she doesn’t look like it anymore
  20. Katie386

    First time egg layer, laying while roosting/sleeping?

    so I have 10 hens that have just started laying. they all seem to go for one nest but then they hog it for hours without laying so that’s one problem but the biggest problem is the one laying while roosting.The other day I found two soft shell eggs in the coop under the roost and one the day...
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