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  1. Munkeesmama

    Processed meat bird in california...

    We feed a raw diet to our dogs, and are sick of buying water logged chicken from the grocery store. We're looking for a good source for inexpensive (hopefully $1.50/lb or less) locally for processed meat birds. Does anybody know of any sources for meat chickens (or really any other meat) in...
  2. Munkeesmama

    WEIRD clear balls in hatched egg...PICS

    I hav never seen anything like this. My last baby hatched out of the egg, leaving behind these 2 clear ball things. They feel "gel" filled. the chick appears to be healthy, no un absorbed yolk, etc. I have never seen anything like it before! What are these?
  3. Munkeesmama

    Our first Broody!

    We have our first broody. she's been setting for about 3 days now. I've only seen her off the nest once. I ordere some eggs for her since we don't have a roo. She's got the broody look down!
  4. Munkeesmama

    What are these? Not what i was expecting

    These are from eggs I bought from a "breeder" on ebay. Sold as golden cuckoo marans, and Golden Blue cuckoo marans. Is that what I have? They all have straight combs. 2 or 3 have lightly feathered shanks.
  5. Munkeesmama

    4 ducklings, crested rouen/mallard, pekin, khaki campbell

    I have 4, 4 week old ducklings for sale. One is a crested rouen or mallard (not sure which), 1 is a khaki campbell, and 2 are pekins. I am unsure of sexes (pretty sure the rouen/mallars is a hen though). I bought them from ideal as "hatchery choice". I need to rehome these 4 as I'm only keeping...
  6. Munkeesmama

    Golden cuckoo Marans, and Blue copper Marans chicks...

    I ordered some Golden Cuckoo Marans, and some "golden blue cuckoo marans" (is that even a color?), anyways, I'm wondering if anyone can put pics up of their chicks, so I can see which are which (and of course admire the cuteness)! Here's a link to the auction i got them from...
  7. Munkeesmama

    URGENT: Blood from nose/mouth during hatch. What to do?

    I've never seen anything like this. I just went to check on my chicks hatching and there is one bird that was just about out that has blood around his nose/mouth. It's hard to tell which. It appears otherwise fine, and is cheeping, but is still bleeding. Should I take it out? Should I wait and...
  8. Munkeesmama

    How squished is too squished?

    Day 20 of hatching golden cuckoo maran, and blue golden cuckoo marans (is that really a color, or made up one?!?) Anyways, the eggs are squeezed in tight, in fact, one is laying on top of the rest. Not sure how this will affect the hatch, but so far so good, and we have a pip. So yay! So, can...
  9. Munkeesmama

    What are these ducklings? Hatchery choice

    I received my first ducklings straight from Ideal hatchery today. I bought 3 cayugas, and 4 hatchery choice. I'm not a duck guru so I need some help identifying them. 2 of them appear to be the same cute little yellow things, one is crested of some sort, and one is brownish, yellow. Here they are...
  10. Munkeesmama

    Getting my first ducks!

    I'm going to the darkside...I said I would stop at chickens, BUT, my first ducklings are coming from Ideal on Wednesday. I ordered 5 cayugas, and 5 hatchery choice. Excited to see what they'll send. We'll only be keeping 3-4 though. My kids will be so excited. Any tips for a new duck owner?
  11. Munkeesmama

    Lethargic Hen standing but won't open eyes.

    I noticed this morning that our pullet/hen was looking a bit lethargic, standing up but not opening her eyes. She perked up for scratch but kept closing her eyes. This afternoon, she seems more lethargic, is still standing up, but still not really opening her eyes. She will for a second or 2...
  12. Munkeesmama

    Young hen laying then just STOPPED?

    We have a cochin hen who began laying almost 3 months ago. She laid just about every day or every other day. Then a little over a month ago just STOPPED. Nothing changed. No food change. She doesn't appear sick. No birds in or out. We can't figure it out. Luckily, our barred rock began laying...
  13. Munkeesmama

    Time to play Sex that SILKIE!

    I brought home 2 white silkies today. they are to die for cute, but I have no clue what sex they are. I'm HOPING they are hens, otherwise they will need to find a new home. Anyone wanna take a gander? They are supposedly about 5-6 months old. Edite to add: I'm not sure if they are both the...
  14. Munkeesmama

    FREE special needs buff laced polish do not bid, PM me please!

    I have a Buff laced polish chick that is about 4 weeks old. It has a cross beak so it will require some special care, but if you have it in you, you can have it for FREE. I would like to find it a new home ASAP. This chick was hatched from Gretchen here on BYC.
  15. Munkeesmama

    10 week old Cuckoo Marans feather footed rooster, VERY sweet!

    Sasquatch is 10 weeks old and a super sweet heart. Loves to be pet. He is a cuckoo marans, good coloring, nice feathering. He needs a new home ASAP. Local pick-up only.
  16. Munkeesmama

    Pair of Black/Blue TRUE Ameraucanas

    I have a Pair of TRUE Ameraucanas for sale. They are 10 weeks old. One roo (blue), 1 pullet (black). they are nice looking birds. the eggs were bought from somebody here on BYC. Local pick-up only. Come on somebody, they need a new home ASAP!
  17. Munkeesmama

    Anyone in southern california?

    I'm wondering if there is anyone in southern california who raises meat birds, or has a plucker to rent out, or heck, who would want to join us for a day of processing and show us the ropes?
  18. Munkeesmama

    Can Ducklings eat chick starter

    What an exciting day, first we have chickens in the incubator hatching, and now my neighbor just came over and showed me a pile of ducklings. I scooped them up (6 of them) about 5 slipped through another neighbors fence and they have big dogs and aren't friendly. There is a duck flying in the...
  19. Munkeesmama

    Silkie Chicks hatching LIVE

    Day 21 and right on schedule, we have our first zipping. I've set up the webcam. I have sounds disabled since our house can get a little rowdy with 4 little ones running around.
  20. Munkeesmama

    Hoping this little Bantam Cochin is a hen, Help?

    I'm not sure if it's too early to tell or not. This was our first chick to hatch and is named genesis, pretty little thing. We're hoping for a hen, but the size of the comb is fairly big, but hard to tell, thoughts? And while we're at it, what about these guys, any guesses?
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