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    Sad. Angry. Don't know what to do.

    Not stupid or whiny...the loss if any let regardless of the reason is traumatic. I have "Velvet", Rottweiler/Border Collie mix rescue. She was taken from a junk yard along with a litter of her puppies. My wife would love to get a kitten, but I'm terrified the same situation would occur. I have...
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    Major attack - is this a bear?

    Inviting predators to your area is a less than wise idea. Just my humble opinion.
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    Major attack - is this a bear?

    Humans are the only predator that bears have in NA. So no need to go to Amazon. Gross as it sounds urine around your coop and at the end edges of your property combined with motion activated security lights should help. All that said, bears have regular routes they travel and remember where...
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    Keeping Chickens Cool In a Heat Wave

    Hi. My girls, four Rhode Island Reds hens hatched in February, are doing fine during the day dealing with the heat. However, they are refusing to go to their roosts to sleep at night. They are all bedding down outside in the cooler dirt. I run a fan constantly in the roost, but it's been warmer...
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    My little girls first egg!!!!

    I'm feeling like a proud papa. Lol. Only 29 grams, but perfect shell and form.
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    Staples vs. screws and washers?

    Personally I used staples to hold the hardware clothing place and then screws and washers every 6 inches or so. Closer to the ground I use pieces of hardwood from a shipping pallet over any exposed seam. Better safe than sorry.
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    How do I make my chicken like me?

    I love the ideas...I have 4 RIR that are 4 months old and are spoiled rotten. The shared my shower for a couple of months until it was warm enough to be outside. I handled them daily and got them addicted to raisins and got them used to eating food out of my hand. Now they follow me around...
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    Purina Organic Chicken Crumbles

    The store should understand that if you didn't open the bag, how would you know it was off. The Purina Organic I've used didn't have a chemical odor. But then again, my wife tells me I can't smell anything anyway.
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    River/creek Sand? Or natural dirt/pine and leaf floor

    I live in Florida, so our soil is mostly sand to which I diatomaceous earth. I use it covered with a thin layer of orchard grass hay so my girls can scratch through and take their dust baths. The DE also cuts down on ants. Easy to keep clean.
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    Feels like I'm reverse engineering Alcatraz....Wire, Stone, Trenches..oh my

    I used hardware cloth on the inside bottom of the coop buried under a foot of soil. That and the apron as described previously will hopefully keep my girls safe and secure. My coop is only 8x8 but the burying of the cloth was still a chore. Good luck.
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