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  1. MommaHen86

    Incubator newbie needs help!

    So I set up my incubator and starting collecting eggs and was giving a bunch of random duck eggs when I went to go pick up some Calls.....Well Im new to this and need help for EVERYTHING! lol.....What temp should it be? It comes with an auto turner but was told I should be hand turning them...
  2. MommaHen86

    All alone die of heartbreak???

    Quote: Yes were VERY happy!!! Just really hoping that incubation goes as well and we have a bunch of new additions in a month or so They are all calls as well. We got Two new Drakes and a trio of Hens all unrelated from each other so its a go for breeding of we choose to do so Ill have to...
  3. MommaHen86

    Michigan Chickenstock 2011

    Quote: Hey Vicki! Will you by chance have any Snowy Calls available??? We are dieing to get some more like the ones from last years Chickenstock
  4. MommaHen86

    All alone die of heartbreak???

    Good News!!! I was able to find a few new ducks!!!! Was going for one and came home with five!! The lady I got them from was only 25 mintues away and was awesome and she even gave me some eggs to put in the incubator for free which include-4 West Indie, 4 muscovies, and 4 random chicken eggs...
  5. MommaHen86

    All alone die of heartbreak???

    i had a pair of Calls and our rooster for whatever reason started pecking the feathers off the back of the Drakes head...well we went out today to find him died (((( Now we have all our chickens and only one call and cant seem to find calls anywhere! Will our girl be okay or will she die of...
  6. MommaHen86


    Hey! Does anyone know where I may be able to get some adults or even duckling Call Ducks from here in Michigan??? Im from Potterville/Charlotte Area and would love to find someone close but am willing to travel if need be....Thanks in advance
  7. MommaHen86

    Michigan Chickenstock 2011 Sell/Swap/Need

    Id love to join again this year Was wondering if anyone has some Calls that they are willing to part with? Perfer adults but am willing to take on babies too. My husband has become obsessed and Id love to get him a few more.....We are looking for any color really but would love some variety...
  8. MommaHen86

    Hovabator used for Call eggs and advice!

    So my husband purchased a hovabator yesterday and it comes with a automatic egg turner..Is this the best way to go or would it be better to go the route of hand turning them myself?...Is this an okay bator to have or is there a different one that would work better? And also we are new to...
  9. MommaHen86

    Female Call Ducks?

    Okay....SO the way I understand is that I should have six girls with my two drakes right? Or does having the second drake make it need to be more then three per drake? Sorry Im blonde and new to the whole duck ratio thing! LMAO!
  10. MommaHen86

    Female Call Ducks?

    We are in search of some new girls to add to our pairs....As of right now we have two girls and two boys....Whats a good ratio per drake?We are located in Mid Michigan and would like to find some one locally but if not maybe a good reputable breeder???Any info would be great! thanks!
  11. MommaHen86

    Call Ducks baby help!

    Well Heres the We do the deep litter method all winter so last week we completely cleaned out the coop and came across a few green/blue eggs on the floor(my thinking was they were from our EE's).....SO upon further discussion with my husband he mentioned that it could be one of the...
  12. MommaHen86

    had to goto the feed store today.....oh no

    Oh Man do I know what you guys mean! I feel like everyone around right now has got baby pigs, baby ducks, baby chicks,ect. How do you walk out of the store with out any? Especially when my 4 year old is running around going Mom look! They are SO cute! haha...How badly I want to add to my zoo of...
  13. MommaHen86

    Call Ducks baby help!

    SO how often should the mamma be laying on the eggs...As far as I can tell they are both out of the coop all day and so maybe she lays on them at night? I have two girls and two drakes.....Hoping to get a few more girls for our other drake soon since the bigger one is always running him off....
  14. MommaHen86

    Call Ducks baby help!

    So our Calls and Chickens share the same chicken coop.....We have noticed that the calls are nesting and laying eggs in the corner and am wondering being a newbie at this....If they do hatch them, Will the chickens bug them at all I know that when you introduce baby chickens in a already...
  15. MommaHen86


    Hey Everyone! Hope this finds everyone having a great day, even if it is hot and muggy out. I have to rehome my beagle after husband found three of our chickens and one of his ducks dead. He caught our dog killing one in the act and said either you find him a home asap or ill take him...
  16. MommaHen86

    Call Duck Newbie! PLEASE HELP!

    SO we went to Chickenstock and came back with three snowy call ducks. Honestly, should of done some research but we couldnt resist them. SO.... We have them in our chickencoop at night and we are letting them be in our fenced in backyard for now during the day, but only when our two dogs arent...
  17. MommaHen86

    Snowy Call Ducks.

    SO the title says it all. My husband bought a trio of Snowy Call ducks at a recent Chickenstock and is in love with them. But we know nothing about them really. We went to TSC and bought duck food and they are just now losing the last bit of fuzz and have there feathers. What kind of shelter so...
  18. MommaHen86

    Show off your chicken names!!!

    What would you name these? SLW Girl? EE Roo
  19. MommaHen86

    Show off your chicken names!!!

    Well.....We still have to name some more but the ones we do have are: Tex-RIR Roo Oreo-EE Chicken Little-hes the only bantam Sarah-Barred Rock Melvin-EE Ok so writing this has me realizing that I still have to name 10 more!lol. Might have to steal a few names from
  20. MommaHen86

    What is she?

    Think an EE, but not sure.Any ideas?
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