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  1. Wexford Chuck

    Hello from the sunny south Ireland

    Hello from the sunny south east, welcome and keep up the good work. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask, the wealth of knowledge from the wonderful folk here in byc is amazing, and all are very friendly. welcome again
  2. Wexford Chuck

    ? mama left nest - will other eggs hatch??

    I have a mamma that started with 9 eggs under her, she left the nest yesterday and being curious took a peek and found 19 eggs in the nest. She got back on the nest and we got our first cheeps this morning, how long will she stay sitting, and how long before I move her
  3. Wexford Chuck

    CONTEST: 100,000 BYC Members? Guess the Day & Hour & Win a GFM!

    WOOHOOO what a wonderful Birthday present
  4. Wexford Chuck

    Rate Whatever The Person Above You Wants You To Rate

    He's fine thats a 9 Rate my New Momma
  5. Wexford Chuck

    Cutest Chick/Chicken Contest!

    It's alright mum i'll protect you. Look into my EYES!!!!!!!!
  6. Wexford Chuck

    broody hens and type of broody barn bird

    This is Podge, My Broody Mamma with her first chick.
  7. Wexford Chuck

    Dustbath Lesson From Big Momma

    This is the way to the Dustbath little ones Now make sure you have washed behind your wings Get back in there and wash behind your ears properly!!!!!
  8. Wexford Chuck

    Coxoid for chicks

    Thanks for the advice, i think i will leave the bottle on the shelf for emergencies only.
  9. Wexford Chuck

    Scarey Chick

    Take a good look at the Chick on the left it looks like it has too many eyes i have no idea what bredd or sex this chick is, if anyone has or has had anything similar could you please let me know what it may turn into the chick in question is the chick on the right at the drinker
  10. Wexford Chuck

    Chicks first walk

    Hi Freda you could try this link for sexing your Welsummers.
  11. Wexford Chuck

    Coxoid for chicks

    i am using an un-medicated starter crumb for my chicks and wanted to know could i treat them with Coxoid at less than 1 week old. i have scanned the net for advice and come up blank. any help on this subject would be appreciated. Cheers Del
  12. Wexford Chuck

    My Broody

    As promised here are a couple of photo's, there are 5 chicks so far and 5 eggs still remaining. the other 3 are still a little shy
  13. Wexford Chuck

    My Broody

    Thanks for that advice mmaddie's mum, i will be leaving momma and chicks alone for the near future in a specially built pen in the garage.
  14. Wexford Chuck

    27th or 28th May hatch, looking for buddies

    Just heard my first PEEP will post some photos when the little ones pop their heads out from under mamma
  15. Wexford Chuck

    My Broody

    Just heard my first PEEP will post some photos when the little ones pop their heads out from under mamma
  16. Wexford Chuck

    My Broody

    Yes this is a picture of her in the hutch and there is a small run attached to it. She is able to get into the run but she hasn't bothered moving since she set. I am going to candle the eggs on wednesday and maybe i should really considder moving her to her new pen then saves having to disturb...
  17. Wexford Chuck

    My Broody

    this is Podge my broody sitting on 13 eggs, due 28th may. i will have to move mother and chicks to a pen built inside my shed and was wondering, at what age would this be best? as she is in a small rabbit hutch at the moment and the Irish weather is still a little unpredictable at the moment...
  18. Wexford Chuck

    setting langshan

    Hi ive just set my Langshan for the first time( for both of us ) and was wondering how many eggs should she she sitting on. i have no rooster but locals in the village each gave me a few eggs and she has 13 under her, she is a very big bird. is this too many or would she have been able to sit on...
  19. Wexford Chuck

    If you have a dog.....

    I have a German Shepherd and he just loves my girls, especially Buffy who plays chase me with him, untill she gets bored then she just walks away. Did have a little accident with him when he was still a puppy and had to show him a dead chicken is no fun to play with, but im sure whatever...
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