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    Ha Test

    Testing Ha
  2. Roo on Harley

    It Doesn't Matter

    Chickens are Chickens
  3. Roo on Harley

    Handling Chicks

    After the scrub,,, To pick one up, hold your hand open to let the chick walk upon Slowly pick up your outer fingers where you have the chick in Wash Hands after you handled them. Petting a chicken on the roost. Pet the crop to the belly, they will stand up for you and they...
  4. Roo on Harley

    Cheat Sheet

    Post your Cheat Sheet for this section if you have one I kinda wanted to see how this would go over in this section first, since you have to have an egg before the chicken. A cheat sheet for each section would be nice to compile the notes many of you have researched and tested, etc. as best...
  5. Roo on Harley

    Cheat Sheets

    I have seen some nice cheet sheets in here in just about every section. (Too many to bookmark) Also, I searched this and didn't get the hits I was wanting to get. It would be nice to have them compiled in a thread. I would have started the thread already, but wouldn't know which section to put...
  6. Roo on Harley

    Finger Check For Layers

    2 fingers up between the legs and 3 fingers across the legs use to be the way to cull layers. Anybody heard this lol.
  7. Roo on Harley

    Keep A Close Watch On New Chicks

    I seem to keep posting on the same stuff about keeping a close eye when there is something out of the ordinary. Watch them closely. Keep fresh water and starter feed. Drop in a small grasshopper every now and then and watch the show. Don't over do the heat this time of year. Check w/...
  8. Roo on Harley

    Homeade Worcestershire Sauce

    I make it lol.
  9. Roo on Harley

    Thank You BYC for Great Website/Forum

    I'm really amazed on what information you can pull if you search, Thanks!!!
  10. Roo on Harley

    Cutting Hardware Cloth

    Hedge Shears work good for long cuts, use them on 1/4" and 1/2" hardware cloth, 1" and 2" chicken wire. Saves on blisters from tin snips. Kinda helps to have someone hold it tho.
  11. Roo on Harley

    Chick Fell In Feeder

    I have a 10 day old chick that tried to jump on the lift ring on a conical starter feeder and fell inside and got stuck. Luckily somebody was watching to see what happened. We went to the rescue and took the thing apart. I switched to the multi-hole oval shaped feeder so they can't do this...
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    New Member From Texas

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