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    Duck eggs and humidity levels.

    I am new to trying to hatch pekin duck eggs. They are on day 27 and just starting to try and pip. The humidity readout say 72% is that good. I have seen so many posts about killing them as they try to hatch because of wrong levels. Temp is set at 100°
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    Hi all I have two pekin ducks (Jethro and fuzzy head). They are almost 6 weeks old. I live in Cosatal NC. My question is during the day thectempsxhave been in mid to high 70's and the nights mid 60's but for the next week it will be in the 50's-40's at night. They have been outside this past...
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    2 questions

    Hi I have 2 questions 1. First what is the best food for my ducklings, I have been feeding food from TSC. I want to get a better food then what I am feeding them. I have a picture of it below. 2. They are about 4 week old and I am trying to put them outside during the day. Temps are 70-80...
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    Duckling question

    Good morning. I have a question about my ducklings. They are about 3 weeks old when I got them I got food that I was told from the employee at tractor supply was good for them. I have just started adding brewers yeast because they seem to have very week legs. They take a few steps then lay...
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    New member

    Hi all So glad to be part of this community. I have 2 Pekin ducklings about 3weeks old. My husband has 6 hens of different breeds.
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