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  1. TAM Farm

    Reno Nv. TrinityZ61 “Hello!”

    Welcome friend!:frow
  2. TAM Farm

    Stray chicken. What do I do?, and it’s been SO hot.

    LOL love him! I have a blind calf named Helen Keller
  3. TAM Farm

    How long until an egg starts developing?

    She did. I let her have two that I had left under her earlier. I am going to candle them tonight to see if her shenanigans killed the egg early on.
  4. TAM Farm

    How long until an egg starts developing?

    Hello Neighbor! She is about 14 months. This is her first time. Yesterday she was all puffed up when she came in to eat so I think she is working on going broody. She is an English Rhoadbar from a breeder. Our temps are about 60 to 70 but her nest is always in the shade.
  5. TAM Farm

    How long until an egg starts developing?

    I have a hen that is thinking about becoming broody. She is sitting in eggs but running around partying during the day. She is still adding to her clutch daily. I'm concerned about her setting on them during the night. Are they starting to develop at night and then dieing during the day? Is she...
  6. TAM Farm

    My recycled wood duck coop.

    Nicely done!
  7. TAM Farm

    Brown leghorn turning white

    She is a hatchery girl. Thank you for your response. She does seem healthy.
  8. TAM Farm

    Brown leghorn turning white

    This girl is about 18 months. After her fall molt some of her feathers came in white. I'm wondering what might cause the white feathers?
  9. TAM Farm

    A Bielefelder Thread !

    I like your plans. I have the SFH (2 roosters) and CCL (1 roo and 2 pullets) but no BEL yet. I have a breeder nearby that I can pick some up from when the time is right for us. I'm excited to get to meet them (and SFH pullets).
  10. TAM Farm

    Permethrin spray

    The chicks are due to hatch on the 25. I'm on the southern Oregon coast. Rain rain and rain for our weather hardly gets below freezing here.
  11. TAM Farm

    Permethrin spray

    I have a broody setting on eggs and I have noticed red mites and possibly other bugs. My first instinct is to treat with permethrin spray but how is that going to work with a broody and the eggs? Should I wait until they have hatched? Should I try to move them? Should I buy dust for the broody...
  12. TAM Farm

    Project idea, Swedish Flower Hen roo x Cukoo Orphington hen

    Some times I have crazy and unreasonable ideas. This may be one of them. I have a Cukoo Orphington hen that I love she lays fantastic xl speckled eggs. She is averaging 6 eggs per week. I just love this hen. So I was wondering what I might get out of a cross between her and one of my SFH roos...
  13. TAM Farm

    Tracking Database for Egg Production and Sales

    That sounds awesome! Thank you for sharing. Do you know if there is an app for access 2007?
  14. TAM Farm

    What Chickens lay extra large eggs?

    Swedish flower hens, Black Jersey Jiant, and German Bielfielder lay typically x-large and Jumbo.
  15. TAM Farm

    Bielefelders - The über chicken!

    I tried hatching 6 but only one hatched and something got ahold of it before I got to see it :rant...I will try again next year. I am actually thinking of trying to raise some to sell as pasture fryers, but that would be down the road.
  16. TAM Farm

    Why am I getting speckled eggs?

    That is just the speed they went through the coloring stage of the egg forming cycle. No worries, let them have that calcium they will eat it if they need it.
  17. TAM Farm

    Sapphire Chickens

    I tried to post a photo of the game but I couldn't figure it out. She is most likely crossed with something. She is kinda like a light brown :)i dunno vague enough?) Sorry I'm not too tech savvy.
  18. TAM Farm

    Sapphire Chickens

    I crossed my CCL rooster with a brown Leghorn, the chicks are a few weeks old. I also have game hen, americauna, and cukoo orphington crossed with the same roo. Unfortunately I'm not sure who is who.
  19. TAM Farm

    What to put under the roost

    Maybe one of those under the bed totes? Some of them are pretty long.
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