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  1. kitchenwdinah

    Muscovy Drake 4 months old

    This is one of our family pet ducks. We got ducklings unsexed and unfortunately we had 4 boys! Two found homes. I already have a Cayuga pair and the lone female is completely surrounded by drakes. We call him Brew. He is very loving. Likes belly rubs and being held. Here he is perching on my...
  2. kitchenwdinah

    Southeastern VA Muscovy ducklings

    Two week old muscovy ducklings for sale, 5 dollars each. Black and white pied and blue and white pied.
  3. kitchenwdinah

    Muscovy Size Question

    Hi, So I have four 4 month old musocvy. They are the exact same size. Same foot size and ankle size. They all weight about 7 1/2 lbs. They are all the same height. They have the same tail shape. I vent sexed them as female (new at muscovy but can do it successfully with mallard derived breeds)...
  4. kitchenwdinah

    When will my sweet duck be back?

    Mocha is a Cayuga. She was very sweet. Calm, easy to hold, maybe a little sciddish. She built a beautiful nest and went broody for the first time. She wasn't great at having a nest, broke some eggs, knocked many out... but she was a good sitter and defender. Well... she wasn't a good mom first...
  5. kitchenwdinah

    2 Muscovy (male and female) 5 weeks

    Hi, I am in Virginia Beach area and would like to sell a pair of muscovy ducklings. They are hand raised and very friendly. $30 for the pair. I am posting this now to see if there is some interest, but I would like to sell them 2 weeks from now, at 7 weeks old. I believe they will be blue...
  6. kitchenwdinah

    MG? What do small back yard flocks do?

    We have ducks as pets and like their eggs. One of our ducklings last year has always been a bit off. She had seizures the first month of life and seemed to grow out of them. Then at around 6 months her voice changed, more high pitched. By 8 months she was coughing and at 10 she was gaping. We...
  7. kitchenwdinah

    I need to put my duck out of her misery

    We have ducks as pets. Our chronically ill cayuga, only a year old, has been dying since January. We have spent about a grand in vet care, getting her just better enough (she almost fully recovers each time) so she can deteriorate again. We have exhausted our options. The vet wants her to be in...
  8. kitchenwdinah

    Loud Duck in the Morning

    I got Cayugas because I heard they are quiet. One female is and the other is too except for in the morning. Every morning when the sun gets to a certain point she won't shut up. The only thing that helps is letting her out, in which she runs around the yard like a mad duck quacking as loud as...
  9. kitchenwdinah

    Honeysuckle? Any Consensus?

    I have 3 adult Cayugas. They free range and we have a large honeysuckle bush. They peck at it sometimes. Not often, never had a problem. We are about to add four muscovy ducklings to our flock. The current enclosure has a star jasmine growing up the kennel that provides shade. They dont touch...
  10. kitchenwdinah

    Respiratory Infection (Duck)

    Our duck Boston has been having respiratory issues since November. In November she developed a high pitched cough. It was rare so we thought nothing of it. In January she was open mouth breathing. We took her to ER, she was treated with antibiotics, antifungals, and dewormer. She got so bad she...
  11. kitchenwdinah

    Probable Aspergillus. Anyone with successful outcomes?

    Hi Unfortunately our 10 month old female Cayuga, Boston, has been having respiratory issues. She open mouth gasps for air each breath. She started doing this 4 days ago. Leading up to this, she had a high pitched occasional cough/sneeze for about a month. It wasn't very often so we weren't...
  12. kitchenwdinah

    Ducks Quacking

    Hi, My daughter has three Cayugas. They are about 13 weeks old. My daughter spends time with them everyday and they get plenty of time wandering around our fenced back yard. Whenever she goes in the house all three start quacking really loud. If they hear her voice and shes not outside they...
  13. kitchenwdinah

    Duck Coop

    My ducks are 4 weeks old. We want to move them outside. They stay outside during the day. Weather is over 65 during the day and over 55 at night. They have been sleeping without heat lamp for the past two weeks indoors. Their outdoor enclosure is similar to a large kennel with a dog house...
  14. kitchenwdinah

    Milkweed and Honesuckle

    We have 3 ducklings, Cayugas. We are about to move them outside. My backyard has a large honesuckle bush and I have several milkweed plants. Do I need to remove these plants? I have seen both on the toxic for birds list, however, many people say that their chickens and ducks love honesuckle. As...
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