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  1. americanchicks

    Silkie Roo?

    Hey all, I was given a young silkie a while back. Being it is my first one not sure on gender. About 6 month old now and Im thinking hes a roo. Today he came at me after picked up a polish he is living with. Also any idea on what variety he is? Next to my polish roo thats a little younger...
  2. americanchicks

    What am I doing wrong.

    Those TS incubators readings are always off. I have the same incubator and its 99.8 cooked half my first clutch. Turns out it was really 102.5! I Now have an ample supply of different H. & T. None are perfect they are all off by at least a dagree. Calibrating is awesome! You just have to...
  3. americanchicks

    Having trouble with hatching

    Welcome to the wonderful and sometimes stressing world of chick hatching. Given it was placed the day after the other I would give it at least another 24 hours. If she is not sitting on it you may need an incubator. Just don't rush into assisting the egg too soon. I had a muscovy that left one...
  4. americanchicks

    Will hawks get ducks?

    Sorry about your duck. We had a hawk get my fave muscovy, Brownie a few weeks ago. It was strange went out side that morning and noticed I had no chickens in the pen. Went to check and all where in the coop and under it. That is when I noticed in the duck pen, Brownie, stuck in the fence picked...
  5. americanchicks

    Pen for Welsh Harlequin

    Hi everyone! I now own a small flock of WH! They are the ducks I have been wanting for a while. I have 3 ducks and a drake. Right now they are in the pen with my muscovies. Well its time to get them a place of their own. My very large muscovy drake has decided that the 3 WH girls are easy...
  6. americanchicks

    First butcher date set

    It was pretty gruesome. It was the 4th chicken I was doing and I wasn't paying attention to where my left hand was. Just sharpened the knife too, took 5 stitches. I wear gloves now. Never tried using clippers but sounds like it would work if they where sharp. It sucks when you make a cut that's...
  7. americanchicks

    Heritage Turkeys, To Raise Or Not To Raise?

    Thanks for the replies. The video was helpful, I ended up watching the whole thing. I do have someone local who raises Royal Palms and Red Bourbons. They said they will have chicks for me this spring. I am more excited to raise turkeys now. I am cooking turkey for dinner tomorrow just for our...
  8. americanchicks

    Heritage Turkeys, To Raise Or Not To Raise?

    Hey everyone! So I did it. My childhood dream has come true. I now own acreage and farm birds. I have chickens, ducks, and now I want to get the last bird on my bucket list turkeys. My husband is not a fan of turkeys. He had them growing up and said they are very mean. Well doing research I...
  9. americanchicks

    First butcher date set

    A sharp knife to dispatch the bird is important but watch your fingers. I had to get stitches last year. When they are in the cone make sure they are all the way gone. If you leave a large bird unintended it may flop out during its final death throes. I like to cut my birds in half. After...
  10. americanchicks

    my Americana stopped laying

    ameraucanas are not the best winter layers. Mine slow down a lot when the weather gets cold. Sounds like she may be broody. Dose she fluff up and coo when you try and move her?
  11. americanchicks


    When I see them in my yard I shoot off a couple bottle rockets, they dont like that. It seems to keep them away at least for a while. I also have a family of crows in my area. Every now and again the eat a duck egg but chase off the hawks.
  12. americanchicks

    Aghh! Dang!

    You can see the second one from the back is missing a beard.
  13. americanchicks

    Aghh! Dang!

    I was told they where. I got them from a nice gal but off CL. She was breeding for show and had some extra. I am wondering because one was beardless. They all laid light blue eggs. One laid an egg so light in fact you swore it was white, until you compared it to a white egg. Very slight hint of...
  14. americanchicks

    Aghh! Dang!

    Hey all have to vent a bit. So i have been working on my first breeding project. Making olive eggers with my ameraucana hens and maran roo. So far its been frustrating. I have 7 olive eggers and 2 started laying. Only Im getting brown eggs! I am thinking that somewhere there is a brown egg...
  15. americanchicks

    To Cook or Sell, Opinions Please

    Hey all so update! I decided to process him myself. Was planning to sell him at auction where her prob would of went for food anyway. I couldn't dispatch him, had my hubby do that part. Well now I have eaten Muscovy. And the verdict is, its not that great. I got two lovely pieces of breast meat...
  16. americanchicks

    Looking for a Silver Welsh Harlequin Drake, WA

    Hey all! Well I did it! After about a year of searching I found 3 lovely SWH ladies. Now the search is on to find them a handsome guy. If you have a drake that would like to live with his own flock, pond included please let me know. I live in Buckley WA but willing to drive (with in reason) to...
  17. americanchicks

    Rooster suddenly a little aggressive

    The same thing happened with me and my Copper maran Toby. After returning from vacation Tobly lunged at me while holding one of the hens. He would only go after me and not anyone else, never making contact just a threat now and then. It did seem like he was more moody when food was involved...
  18. americanchicks

    Squirrels !!

    I have had crows steal eggs but never squirrels. Not surprised. I went camping once and we watched a wildlife war between chipmunks and squirrels over our left over breakfast. Not one touched the pancakes. It was the scrambled eggs and mostly the bacon they wanted. High protein treats are a big...
  19. americanchicks

    Have Decided On Cute Cuddly Cochins, But LF or Bantam

    Sounds like cochins and pretty awesome no matter what the size! I know when it comes to personality sometimes its just luck of the draw more than breed. Look at Phoebe. She was the type of hen that was not afraid of any thing. She would walk right up to a crowd of people, hop in your lap, and...
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