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  1. Mamma_Duck04

    Odd Coop-Lighting Question

    I see lots of posts about IF or WHEN to add lights in the coops, but I'm kinda in another situation I kinda did to myself... The ladies were brooded under a lamp, but as they got older, I just moved the light away but kept it on so I could check on them at night Anyway, they moved into their...
  2. Mamma_Duck04

    How noisy are meaties?

    I'm thinking along the lines of Cx or Freedom Rangers- but was curious how noisy they get around the 10/11wk time? Do the boys start crowing that early with their faster development, or...? I'm used to layers so count me clueless on meaties Thanks for any input!!
  3. Mamma_Duck04

    Integrating Older Girls

    Ok, I'm coming up blank on searches, so I'm just going to ask. Most of the posts seem to include a rooster or chicks-to-adults integration. What about trying to integrate 3 very-free-range girls (4mo) into 6 coop/run kept girls (3mo)? The 3 are RIR, the 6 are RSL- both groups are the same...
  4. Mamma_Duck04

    Pros/Cons of protruding nest boxes

    Beside my OCD that just doesn't like the look of nest boxes sticking out, what are the pros vs. cons of this design?? I would think those small spaces would heat up/stay cold more than having them integrated in the coop body- am I wrong on this?? Is it mainly to add more space to smaller...
  5. Mamma_Duck04

    Quick gender question about red sex-links

    Got some red sex-links & of all of them, they had some red barring on them, though one was very light. What were to be males didn't have barring at all (I've only dealt with white leghorns as baby-babies & other mix breeds, but sex didn't matter at the time lol). Now... they're going on 4wks...
  6. Mamma_Duck04

    Help with the breed??

    We just know he's a gorgeous rooster lol, but we were trying to come up with his probable breed & just couldn't get anywhere! Any help? As you can see in the pics, he's very large (& he's solid under those feathers!) He's got some deathly-looking spurs on him too lol. His comes up to about...
  7. Mamma_Duck04

    Blue Slate Turkeys- Breeding Pair **NW MISSOURI**

    LOCAL PICKUP ONLY These are listed for my mother located in Lawson, MO. Please PM for more information or for her number to arrange pickup! Blue Slate Turkey Pair "Tommy-Tommy" is 3-4yrs old $30.00 "Henna" is 2-3yrs old $30.00
  8. Mamma_Duck04

    Sebastopol Male/50% Sebastopol Females **NW MISSOURI**

    These 5 geese are a mated family. They're solidly bonded & the male takes very good care of his women and babies. They're all 2-3yrs. The male is 100% Sebastopol. The 4 Females are 50% Sebastopol/ 50% White Chinese. (you can see one female in the coop doorway- they were setting on 4...
  9. Mamma_Duck04

    Slate Blue Turkeys- babies **NW MISSOURI**

    12 Blue Slate Turkey babies!! Hatched 5-11-11. Asking $7.00 each. LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY! I'm listing this for my mom in Lawson, MO. She doesn't feel comfortable trying to ship them, etc. so would prefer local pick-up only. If you are interested, please PM me and I can answer any questions, or...
  10. Mamma_Duck04

    Calling NORFOLK, VA Residents (May 10!!)

    After much inspiration from others here, and others here in my locale, I'm calling for support in Norfolk, VA! The City Council is due to have their May meeting on Tuesday, May 10 (on their website it looks like it's starting at 7pm, but I will be calling to verify this tmrw & will update)...
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