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  1. Leahs Mom

    Ramp Timer for Incandescent - Gradual On/Off Fade

    I've been trying to find a ramp timer that works with incandescent bulbs and can't seem to find one. Here is what I want to do: My lights are currently on a timer that turns them on and off at a specific time. Instead of having the lights come on at full power, I want them to gradually fade on...
  2. Leahs Mom

    Solved How to add someone to an existing PM conversation?

    I may have missed it but... I can't find a way to forward a "conversation" or private message to another person - or add another person to a conversation already in progress. If that's not possible now, I wish for that!
  3. Leahs Mom

    Northern Indiana - 2 Laying SFH Pullets Available

    I have 2, very high energy SFH pullets. Laying well. They need a free-range home where they can get out and run around the yard as much as possible. They've been raised together so should be good together as their own little flock. Just turned 1 yr. so officially hens I guess. One of them is...
  4. Leahs Mom

    Wish List for the New BYC

    Starting this thread to post "wishes" for future updates for BYC. I'm hoping that we can post ideas that they would like in future updates so they'll all be listed in one place and easy to find. Moderators - Not sure if there is already a thread for this. I was not able to find one, but if...
  5. Leahs Mom

    Solved Moderator Help - Missing BYC Profile

    JanetMarie seems to have disappeared. She said that she can't find her stuff either. Moderators- can you check into that?
  6. Leahs Mom

    Remove a Thread from Watched?

    Has anyone figured out how to remove a thread from the watched threads when you don't want it there anymore? :caf
  7. Leahs Mom

    Subscriptions/Watched Thread Question

    In the "old" BYC, on the subscription page, it would have a note with the number of posts since I had last read. When you click on that thread title, it would take you to the place you left off reading -or- you could choose to go to the "last post" in the thread. Is there still a number that...
  8. Leahs Mom

    Swedish Flower Hen Pair - Pick Up Only

    15 week old Swedish Flower Hen Pair; Blue Based. Cockerel from German Lines. Pullet is crested. Organic fed and free range wooded area and pasture. Very healthy birds. I don't ship. These birds need to be picked up from the South Bend, Indiana area. Please contact me for more information.
  9. Leahs Mom

    Wanted: Buckeye Chicks in Northern IN

    I'm hoping to find some Buckeye chicks within driving distance from the South Bend, IN area. I'd like to get them around June/July. Anyone know of anyone who will be - or is now - selling Buckeye Chicks?
  10. Leahs Mom

    Chicks: Okay to Feed Ground Venison or Beef?

    Good morning! I would like to suppliment my feed with a bit more protien. Is it okay to feed raw ground beef or venison to young chicks in moderation?
  11. Leahs Mom

    Wanted: Buckeye Chicks Northern Indiana

    I would like to purchase 3 Buckeye chicks - 2 pullets, 1 cockrel. They need to be close enough for me to drive to pick up from South Bend, IN area. Please contact with price at: [email protected] (Forum makes me list a price to post. Please contact me w/your price.)
  12. Leahs Mom

    Washing a Coop - What Products are Safe to Use?

    I am in the process of preparing a coop from a building that was originally used as a garden shed. I have completely “shop-vacuumed” the shed and I’m ready to wash the walls and floor. In addition to the normal dirt, there were various animal droppings inside so I want to be sure it is washed...
  13. Leahs Mom

    Feeding Whey

    I plan to give my chickens whey from home-cheesemaking from time to time and have a few questions from those of you that may do the same. (From organic, raw milk.) -What is the best way to feed: Plain whey? Mixed with feed? -At what age can they have whey? (Is calcium level an issue when...
  14. Leahs Mom

    Automatic Coop Door Opener: Your Experiences Please!

    I am considering an auto door opener/closer. My main concern is that all the chickens get in at night and that no one gets locked out by mistake! If you have one, could you please comment on your experiences and if you've liked it or not. Thanks!
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