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  1. Chick-e-poo

    What kind of chicken is this??

    Can someone tell me what kind of chicken this is? Is it a female or male? How old does it look? It's mostly white, but has some brownish wing feathers. We decided to adopt athis chicken from our neighbor who bought it as an Easter present for her son. It came from TSC & my neighbor says it's...
  2. Chick-e-poo

    Used coop?

    My parents offered us their old chicken coop & I'm wondering if it's safe to use for our chickens? How should we clean/disinfect the coop for new birds? It's a large coop-9x10x7 high & it's all insulated. My parents built it and only used it a year and a half. There haven't been any chickens in...
  3. Chick-e-poo

    Kids with allergies & chickens

    Complete newbie here. Is anyone allergic to chicken dander? My 8 year old has allergies to a bunch of different things including dust mites & dog & cat dander. Nothing life threatening, but he does take an inhaler everyday. So I'm just wondering if taking care of chickens will aggravate him...
  4. Chick-e-poo

    a good breed for newbie?

    what is a good cold weather laying chicken for beginners? I know that sounds funny! We live in a pretty cold climate so that has narrowed my search a little. I really want a chicken that is good with kids (mine are 4 & 8). I was looking at the buff Orpingtons and the Wyandotte breeds. I guess I...
  5. Chick-e-poo

    Qustions about chickens & honeybees

    I hope this post is in the right place. My hubby & I would really like to raise chickens & keep a couple hives of honeybees in our backyard. We have not purchased anything yet. Does anyone here have both on their property? We want to make sure both chickens & honeybees can coexsist safely in a...
  6. Chick-e-poo

    New here

    Hi everyone, My family & I are new to raising chickens of our own (although my parents had chickens before) but we are excited to get started! I've been browsing the BYC website & love it:)
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