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  1. barngodess

    Shipping chicks and birds - ARRIVING DOA

    I really don't say much on forums, but I felt I needed to speak up on this issue, as I am still waiting for some birds that were shipped EXPRESS to me on July 1,2010. Today is the 5th. If anyone here has had this type of experience I would appreciate an email, as I am gathering information and...
  2. barngodess

    Bantam Faverolle Breeders - PICK UP ONLY

    I am selling all of my Bantam Faverolle breeders. I have one blue salmon, one salmon and one splash rooster and five hens. They are Pontious line from Catalpa Farms in Illinois. Pairs or trios only. Please email me for pics at [email protected] PICK UP ONLY as it's WAY TO HOT here to ship...
  3. barngodess

    Mille Fleur d'Uccels GREAT PRICES!

    See them here!
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