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  1. NightingaleJen

    What did you do in the garden today?

    Rain, rain, rain! But I did go peek at the daffodils, which have paused in their rise toward the sky since they first began peeking up a few weeks ago. The birds sang gloriously all morning, too. Just a matter of time!🌾
  2. NightingaleJen

    Learn Poultry Raising

    Welcome, Confidence! BYC is the best place to learn, thanks to all of the very helpful teachers. :)
  3. NightingaleJen

    Clematis - Chicken safe?

    I believe sweet peas are poisonous as well. Runner beans might be nice, though—they have very pretty bright red blooms. Also, roses are not as persnickety as some folks seem to think; maybe a climbing rose of some sort will fit the bill. A native honeysuckle (be careful—the Japanese ones are...
  4. NightingaleJen

    In Desperate Need of Advice

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful picture of Susie. Please take care of yourself—don't worry so much about responding right now unless you think it's helpful to talk (and sometimes it is). Not wanting to give up the flock is certainly understandable; you associate them deeply with Susie...
  5. NightingaleJen

    Socializing a new puppy to chickens, any successful strategies?

    What a darling puppy! Guessing she wins many hearts by being so adorable and could rule with a benevolent paw. ;) I've heard many good things about Portuguese Water Dogs. Thanks for all of the good advice in this thread. God willing, we'll be training a pup to chickens around here this year as...
  6. NightingaleJen

    Cat brought in baby rabbit, not njured. Can’t find nest! Advice please!

    @SnapdragonQ and @Danny188 are right, that very very cute rabbit is old enough to be on its own now. We live in the woods and I see them this size all of the time, all by themselves, scampering all over the place. :)
  7. NightingaleJen

    What did you do in the garden today?

    This reminds me of Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Long Winter, which describes the ladies of the family pouring grain into their little mill and grinding, grinding, grinding to have enough to eat...
  8. NightingaleJen

    In Desperate Need of Advice

    Oh, this breaks my heart. I've nothing to offer right now, unfortunately, particularly after the two previous loving and eloquent responses. I will pray for you. Remember always our Rock of Ages, God in Heaven who holds us in steadfast, abounding love—the God of All Comfort. Jesus is called the...
  9. NightingaleJen

    What is this chicken thinking?

    Why do people keep asking me if I know some doctor named Evil?
  10. NightingaleJen

    probably dumb question...

    I'm so sorry. That has to be tough. :(
  11. NightingaleJen

    Wish me luck and send prayers my way!

    Just said a prayer for success. Good luck and trust God with the outcome!
  12. NightingaleJen

    Comment by 'NightingaleJen' in article 'THE MULLIGAN'

    This really is so wonderfully helpful. I keep studying it and showing it to Hubby. ;) Thank you so much for posting in such detail—it is very generous of you. I'm probably going to owe you brownies or a tea towel or something for stealing so many ideas and design elements! ;)
  13. NightingaleJen

    What did you do in the garden today?

    Same here, but it was so sunny I couldn't stop myself. Ran around sowing poppy seeds (mostly Shirley and American Legion) and scratching columbine seed into the soil. Probably pushing it, but...worth a shot! The veggie garden soil is cold to the touch, but yesterday I was able to grab a nice...
  14. NightingaleJen

    Dumb question about AKC rankings

    No, really just wanted to be sure I understood the rankings. Thank you!
  15. NightingaleJen

    Feeding Wild Birds

    Beautiful photo! Here in east central Ohio our bird populations seem to be doing well, and we've most of the same birds you do. Over the summer I downloaded a great little app that will record birdsong, then give you a pretty darned good guess as to what kind of bird it is (helpful, since many...
  16. NightingaleJen

    I am so sorry, thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone!

    I am so sorry, thank you for all the birthday wishes everyone!
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