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  1. Wisher1000

    My Dad died this afternoon.

    My Dad was the most wonderful man you would ever want to meet. He was kind, generous, fiercely protective, smart, patient, handsome (extremely handsome,) strong, a shameless flirt, capable, well liked by most, disliked by few, opinionated, funny, affectionate, thrifty, and wise. He loved kids...
  2. Wisher1000

    Don't laugh..... what am I supposed to feed this duck?

    I have had chickens for decades. I know plenty about the care and feeding of chickens, but I don't have a clue what I am supposed to be feeding this duck my son bought. I have Nutrena All Flock Pellets, feed wheat, game bird mash, and medicated chick starter. I don't think I should give it...
  3. Wisher1000

    Simple stand for my Cabinet Incubator

    Hello, fellow Hatch-A-Holics! Threw together a quick stand for my incubator and thought I would share it here. I wanted to get my GQF Sportsman Cabinet Incubator up off the floor so I don't have to lay on my stomach to reach the second (back) tray on the bottom turner shelf. I'm getting too...
  4. Wisher1000

    Feeding catfish food to your chickens?

    I have lately heard several members talking about using catfish food to supplement their chicken feed. I am wondering how many are doing this and what affects you are seeing. Please share any experience, knowledge, or reservations you have on this practice.
  5. Wisher1000

    Chick developing in freshly laid egg

    I have always assured my egg customers that they could never find a chick (or start of a chick) in my eggs because they are collected daily. I may have to stop saying that. I am not new to chickens, eggs, hatching, etc. I have been doing this for many years. I am a relatively intelligent...
  6. Wisher1000

    Neglected, curled toenails

    I have some new (to me) chickens that have terribly overgrown toenails. They are so bad that the toes can't straighten out. Some are corkscrewed and some circle back on themselves. I know the quick is long and that trimming them without bleeding will be a very long process. I wonder if I can...
  7. Wisher1000

    Robert "Bob" Blosl's Words of Wisdom

    I know that Bob helped many, many people other than on the threads. I hope that you will use this thread to cut and paste, or paraphrase, or even attach here so that we can all learn from your interaction with this wonderful mentor. Though Bob's no longer with us physically, he will remain...
  8. Wisher1000

    Quality Silver Campine Hens, Pullets, or hatching eggs -- Price Negotiable

    If you, or anyone you know, has good quality Silver Campines, PLEASE reply (or PM me.) I would like to talk to anyone who is raising show quality or breeder quality SC anywhere in the U.S.. Thanks!
  9. Wisher1000

    Duck Experts - advice needed

    I also posted this under emergencies, but wanted to reach the knowlegeable duck people here for guidance. I have a seven week old duck that was attacked by a coon. I want to treat her but didn't want to start before I had a plan. I have treated injured chickens before but know nothing about...
  10. Wisher1000

    Duck attacked by coon, injured wing

    I have a seven week old duck that was attacked by a coon. I want to treat her but didn't want to start before I had a plan. I have treated injured chickens before but know nothing about ducks. I am not even sure how the wing is supposed to look. The duck is walking around but is not...
  11. Wisher1000

    Tied, Tie Breaker (y'all are killing me!)

    Vote for one. Expires Midnight tonight! #1 There once was a rooster named Fred He was not right in the head. He chased the hens and wrecked the pens but he sure did taste good with bread. #2 How do you stop this hatching addiction? I wish somebody would tell! The eggs are so pretty, the...
  12. Wisher1000

    Cinco de Mayo Poultry Poetry Tie Breaker -- VOTE!

    Cast One vote for either #1 or #2. Cast two additional votes for #3 through #7. #1 There once was a crazy old man, Came up with a so simple plan. He'd get a few chicks, he thought just for kicks, Now they're all over his land. #2 There once was a little brown hen who wouldn't be kept...
  13. Wisher1000

    Cinco de Mayo Poultry Poetry Tie Breaker - VOTE!

    Duplicate -- Go to
  14. Wisher1000

    Cinco de Mayo Poultry Poetry Tie Breaker - VOTE!

    Dont Vote Here! Duplicate! Use this link -
  15. Wisher1000

    Poultry Poetry Contest - VOTE!

    Cinco de Mayo Poultry Poetry Contest Please choose your three (3) favorites and vote above. Thank you! Write-in votes for #5 will be counted! MY BAD!! i will handle it with the author............shoot! 1. Limerick There once was a lusty young rooster Who needed a rock for a booster To...
  16. Wisher1000

    Welsumers from Mt.Healthy

    Has anyone gotten Welsummer chicks from Mt. Healthy and raised them to see the egg color produced? Our TSC has some Wellie chicks and I would not mind having some but would like to know how good (or bad) the egg color quality will be. Anyone?
  17. Wisher1000

    Cable Ties for Chick ID

    No red - see available colors below I have cable ties (4") in 8 colors - black, white, blue, orange, yellow, green, brown, and gray I will ship your choice of quantity and colors (up to...
  18. Wisher1000

    Mixed turkey eggs

    I am interested in some turkey eggs for hatching just after Easter. I want non-broad-breasted and it would be best if they were colored as far from wild turkeys as not to be mistaken for wild ones (I live near hunting lands.) I don't necessarily want pure bred, but would like to have some idea...
  19. Wisher1000

    The Great Egg Shipping Experiment!

    I have been a serious chicken geek for five years. I have designed and built coops, bought and brooded day-olds, treated illnesses, fought preditors, and hatched chicks under a broody and in an incubator. There are still things that I haven't done, some I want to do, some I don't. One thing...
  20. Wisher1000

    Crazy Rooster

    Okay, this owned me. Watch it more than once because the first time you just think "Wha?" The second or third time it is hilarious!
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