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  1. nicalandia

    True Green Eggs

    Just got myself an Easter Egger that lays green eggs, not my first but it's been like 20 years since I had one, years ago I purchased a few green eggs from my local market sadly they were not fertile so I experimented with them, I used sand paper and revealed the blue under color, I cracked the...
  2. nicalandia

    Performance and carcass characteristics of Delaware chickens in comparison with broilers

    Performance and carcass characteristics of Delaware chickens in comparison with broilers Poultry Production Parameters: The Heritage Delaware...
  3. nicalandia

    Observations on Mottling and its many allelic mutations

    Due to recent genetic mapping of the mottling allele(Endothelin Receptor B2 or EDNRB2 ) research have been able to identify at least four allelic mutations of the recessive mottling gene, Research work by Japanese team:
  4. nicalandia

    Let's see your Off colored Olive Eggs

    It has been extensively documented that brown eggers have common egg color issues due to many factors but I have yet to see an Olive Egg with the same off color issues, it would be nice to see some White banded eggs and Calcium deposited on the outershell Olive eggs too. For example White...
  5. nicalandia

    Dressed Carcass Picture Chart

    I believe is about time we should put together a chart with pictures and description(with details as to what breed or cross is, what age and feed) of dressed carcass in a single database chart.
  6. nicalandia

    chicken Hybrids as Broilers

    The other day I was thinking that a possible cross between a broad breasted Turkey tom with a CornishX hens would produce very large progeny(by AI ofcourse), but the Churk(chicken turkey hybrid) were exceedingly hard to produce and the ones that hatched were just not healthy enough. Some info...
  7. nicalandia

    Aseel Sire Cornish/Rock hens as meat cross

    Aseel from India/Pakistan is the ancestor of the Cornish breed(not to be confused of the ConishX), I have yet seen this cross used as meat cross in the USA the closest I have seen is for the Japanese Shamo crossed with BR, RIR and Leghorn in Hawaii in 1937, the Aseel is somewhat heavier than the...
  8. nicalandia

    The winner of "The Chicken of Tomorrow" a Cornish/NH cross male by Charles D. Vantress

    The winner of "The Chicken of Tomorrow Contest" a Cornish/New Hamphire cross male(4 pounder broiler) by Charles D. Vantress of California(Vantress Hatchery) Nice Old Pic I was able to find in the web.
  9. nicalandia

    Dark Cornish Dressed Carcass

    Anyone has pictures of the dressed carcass of a Dark Cornish cockerel of about 12 weeks of age?
  10. nicalandia

    Isa Brown vs Amberlink: Understanding the Genetics behind them.

    Some information about Parent Stock and genetics behind the Phenotype of Production sex linked Brown and Silver based "Hybrids" on Silver based Parent Stock(Both Sexes) Genetic make up of their phenotype/ Wheaten at the e locus: eWh Columbian Restricted: Co/Co Dominant sex-linked Silver(S/-...
  11. nicalandia

    Schijndelaar, Araucanas and "Easter Egger" productivity.

    I would like to share this research I found about Easter Egger productivity, I really not so fond of non-productive ornamental breeds, but I really like the looks of the Schijndelaar roosters Excerpt from the...
  12. nicalandia

    Yellow Skin, Clear Yellow Shanks = Grey Junglefowl/Ceylon Junglefowl introgression

    Not news really, just wanted to point out that research has only mentioned the Yellow skin allele(w for yellow skin W+ for white skin), every research(perhaps I overlooked or could not find them) paper found on the subject seems to have forgotten about the sex linked dermal inhibitor gene that...
  13. nicalandia

    Name the chicken breeds that their pattern is based on the Hen's look

    Most breeds have their pattern named based after the Male's phenotype, for example, Black Breasted Red OEG, Silver Duckwing, the other breeds are pretty neutral, but can you name the two breeds(perhaps more than two) that their phenotype's name/breed name is based entirely on how the hens look?
  14. nicalandia

    Greetings from Nicalandia

    I’ve been a member of this beautiful forum for a while now, but never got the chance to introduce myself, I am Marvin from Nicaragua, I lived in the states from 14-26 years old(now 35) I am a science minded type of guy, I am into Electroplating/Electroless plating, Genetics(fowl,cattle,dogs)...
  15. nicalandia

    Autosexing Silver Barred RIR

    yes, they do exist, the Silver Barred Rhode Island Red, Their Name was Isbar and created by Martin Silverudd way back then, but some how their name got confused, but some people are working hard to bring them back from the brink of extinction, well at least in sweeden, wedish Culture Poultry...
  16. nicalandia

    Same Phenotype but Different Genotype Guess the Genotype

    These two breeds display similar phenotype but their genotype its very different can you guess what are their respective genotype(color wise)? Physical difference between them are size and the Long Tail gene(walnut comb vs Single comb) but phenotype its very close
  17. nicalandia

    Mate vs Shiny Eggs, Post your pics and share your Experience

    this is the Thread where you post your Mate vs Shiny egg layers, and share your breed according to Mrs. Jocelyin this shiny egg trait is recessive, and the Mate triat is dominant, do you have any experince with this traits you wish to share? as have you notice its mode of inheritance?
  18. nicalandia

    Breeding for Meat Pigeons

    Hi guys, My name is Marvin, I am from Nicaragua, I am quite the genetic expert on the chicken and genetics forum. I have never raised pigeons or doves, but I am very very impressed at how this birds grow from hatch to 30 days, and I want to see if I'm able to raise them for meat. the issue is...
  19. nicalandia

    SLW x GLW cross males, How do they look like?

    for any of you who always wanted to know how would a Silver Laced Wyandotte rooster mated to a Golden Laced Wyandotte hen male progeny will look like.. here is the link(cant post pics at the moment) scroll to the middle of the page under the pic it...
  20. nicalandia

    Isolating Champagne Blonde Thread

    Ok guys this is the thread I´ll be posting pics of my "Isolating Champagne Blonde" gold diluter(pheomelanin diluter) pics and info pics
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