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  1. JedJackson

    What breed is she?

    She was an Easter egger. They are variable as far as color goes, and most have beards. It would be difficult to find one with the same qualities again.
  2. JedJackson

    Genetics for a noob

    Chicken genetics are covered here: The folks in that forum are likely to have good answers to your questions.
  3. JedJackson

    Which Breeds Would Be Good for a Newbie?

    You should be fine with any of the breeds you listed, and most of the others listed here, too. You might want to stick to just large fowl or just bantams, and not mix them up, to begin with. Just easier that way. And if you can buy all the chicks together you will have less problems than if you...
  4. JedJackson

    How to keep a chicken warm in the winter?

    So long as they have other birds to cuddle up with, they should be fine, provided they have a good coop. It needs to be dry and without drafts, but it's imperative that there are ventilation holes near the roof. Without that the coop will become too moist, and that spells trouble.
  5. JedJackson

    Unique Rooster

    He is gorgeous! Definitely a keeper in my book, meat bird or not.
  6. JedJackson

    Keeping peace in the chicken yard despite "too many" roosters and interfering with pecking order

    Yeah, sometimes it's better to leave well enough alone with chickens. When you separate them they will have to hash out the pecking order again when they're reunited, even if they can still see each other. Elvis and Goldie are gorgeous cockerels and by far my favorites.
  7. JedJackson

    Unique Rooster

    That is a meat chicken. Swedish flower hens wouldn't have a breast or back that broad.
  8. JedJackson

    Breed, gender?

    They are all pullets. The red one is an EE The black and gold could be a gold laced Wyandotte. Not sure on the blue one. Maybe a blue Australorp or blue rock or Sapphire blue.
  9. JedJackson

    What colour is my Brahma?

    He does not fit any color variety that I can think of, which means he has to be a mix of color varieties. I really think you should repost this in the genetics forum. They can probably tell you what colors the parents are and give you an idea of how he will look when full grown...
  10. JedJackson

    Pekin Bantam Frizzle 5 week old sex?

    I still think it could go either way, so I agree with Overo Mare, best to update again in a couple of weeks.
  11. JedJackson

    What do you do with your extra Roosters?

    Each situation varies, like anything in life. If you're not having problems with those numbers, then that's great, unless you don't want feed all those boys. Most people sell or give away extra roosters, if possible. Many people eat their extra boys, especially if they are still cockerels...
  12. JedJackson

    Fair pricing for 4 week old chicks

    It really depends on how fast you want to sell them. If I was a buyer, 5 to 7 dollars seems reasonable, but other people might pay more, say 10 dollars apiece. You might look at the farm & garden section on your local Craigslist page to see what folks are charging there, and use that as a guide.
  13. JedJackson

    French Maran Chick 7 weekd, is ot a cockerel?

    It means one female and one male. And I agree, the new pictures make it clear that the second bird is a pullet.
  14. JedJackson

    Sultan pullet or Roo???

    I guess you have your answer! Sure is a cute cockerel.
  15. JedJackson

    French Maran Chick 7 weekd, is ot a cockerel?

    That one looks like a pullet, but the thing to look for is black feathers in the breast area. If you see some black or blackish feathers there you will know you have a cockerel.
  16. JedJackson

    Help well confused. (Hen feathers growing back in but also lossing some)

    Yes, fall and early winter are the usual times for molting. I bet that's it. It is totally normal and happens to all chickens. For protein, you check the percentage on your chicken feed bag, where it lists nutrients. It should be 16% to 18% protein for layers, not anything under 16%. Meal...
  17. JedJackson

    Full sized roo with Banty hens?

    I think a bantam rooster is best. They will protect your flock just as well. Something like an Old English game bantam rooster would be ideal, but there are lots of options.
  18. JedJackson

    How + Why Do You Keep Your Chickens/Poultry? ~ OPEN POLL~

    I just enjoy having them around, and breeding them to make new baby chicks. And fresh, yummy eggs don't hurt a bit.
  19. JedJackson

    Help well confused. (Hen feathers growing back in but also lossing some)

    There are two possibilities-- feather plucking by other chickens, or she's molting. The first can be remedied by giving the chickens more protein in their diet, and more space if they are cramped. You could also apply hot peck to the bald areas to keep other chickens from pecking her there. But...
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