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  1. Keeniebird

    Help!!! Growth on hen!

    Hello, Has anyone seen this before? I noticed my 8 mo. old White leghorn had a stain on her neck and I investigated. this is what I found under her feathers. It is under the skin. Do i need to cull her. she otherwise is acting normal. (this is on the back of her neck/between the shoulders)
  2. Keeniebird

    My first egg! Spring Chicks

    Got my first egg 2 days ago and have had a total of 3! one a day for 3 days from one of my white Leghorns. she was 19 weeks old Monday!
  3. Keeniebird

    Syncing the Flock!!!..?? help! :)

    Hi all, I had my 6 6/7 week old babies in a brooder box mesh to mesh with my coop and run which is home to my 5adult bantams. (1 roo 4 hens) they are very docile sweet birds. Anyhow today we went for it and put everyone in together. It is a large run. The bantams for the most part ignored the...
  4. Keeniebird

    Help! Rooster or Hen?

    Hi. This little one is six weeks old. SLW. They are getting ready to integrate with my year old bantams. I already have a Serama banty rooster. He is a love. all my bantys are very docile. I cant have another rooster. :( Tell me what ya think! Bird in question My others
  5. Keeniebird

    When Can I clip wings?

    Hi all! Just wondering when is a good time to clip wings? I have some REALLY good flyers, like over a fence and flew just like a Pheasant over a house and into the culdesac behind our property! it was impressive. Aso how do you do it?
  6. Keeniebird

    Is he? Or is she? Roo or Pullet?

    I am concerned about one of my babes. I cant keep another rooster so.... give me your best educated guess! :0) she is a SLW from tractor supply, (sexed), but we know how that goes. : They are 4 weeks This one too???? I think girl though :0)
  7. Keeniebird

    Introducing full size chicks to Bantam adults???

    I have six chicks that I will be introducing to my 5 adult Bantams when the chicks are of proper age. My question is, is there a key time to do this since the birds will be much larger than my Bantys? The chicks are 2 RIR, 2 SLW and 2 WLH.
  8. Keeniebird

    Move 'em out! :0)

    Hi all. Need some advice here. I would like to move my babies outside. My RIR's, SLW's are 3 1/2 weeks and LegH.'s are 4 1/2 weeks. They are in a large brooder that has open side (pic below) so that I can move it along side the main run later for introduction. I live in Wa. State and it gets...
  9. Keeniebird

    Introducing youngins to adults :)

    I Have 5 Bantam adults and 6 baby full size chickens(2 weeks old). When is the best introduction age for these little ones? My adults are 1 Rooster 4 hens. Just wondering if introduction is different because of breed size. My Bantams are very docile sweet birds. Thanks!
  10. Keeniebird

    Can youhelp with breed?

    We adopted these chickens from a person who lost their spouse. The birds were hers and she showed the rooster we know for sure..we have been unable to find out what variety of bantams they are. I will post the best pics I have so far. Thanks
  11. Keeniebird

    Leghorn chick tail feathers..

    First time for white leghorn chicks. They are 9 days old and their tail feathers are pretty big! or at least distinct. is this typical of the breed? my other chicks, RI Reds, and Wyandottes don't have the tails like that... or at least not yet. :0) Having so much fun with them though. Thanks!
  12. Keeniebird

    chicks eating droppings!! ??

    Hi my brooder is clean...I'm actually a little obsessive :0) But I saw one of the chicks pecking at and eating a dropping! Is this ok? I don't want any to get sick. I am brand new to this so appreciate any info.
  13. Keeniebird

    New to this... behavior question?

    Have six new chicks... one week old and one of the leghorns is acting like it is trying to crow? Nothing comes out of course. Don't laugh but I was worried he was choking or something....They are all supposed to be hens. Any thoughts on this? I have SOOOOOmuch to learn! :0)
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