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  1. Wexford Chuck

    Dustbath Lesson From Big Momma

    This is the way to the Dustbath little ones Now make sure you have washed behind your wings Get back in there and wash behind your ears properly!!!!!
  2. Wexford Chuck

    Scarey Chick

    Take a good look at the Chick on the left it looks like it has too many eyes i have no idea what bredd or sex this chick is, if anyone has or has had anything similar could you please let me know what it may turn into the chick in question is the chick on the right at the drinker
  3. Wexford Chuck

    Coxoid for chicks

    i am using an un-medicated starter crumb for my chicks and wanted to know could i treat them with Coxoid at less than 1 week old. i have scanned the net for advice and come up blank. any help on this subject would be appreciated. Cheers Del
  4. Wexford Chuck

    My Broody

    this is Podge my broody sitting on 13 eggs, due 28th may. i will have to move mother and chicks to a pen built inside my shed and was wondering, at what age would this be best? as she is in a small rabbit hutch at the moment and the Irish weather is still a little unpredictable at the moment...
  5. Wexford Chuck

    setting langshan

    Hi ive just set my Langshan for the first time( for both of us ) and was wondering how many eggs should she she sitting on. i have no rooster but locals in the village each gave me a few eggs and she has 13 under her, she is a very big bird. is this too many or would she have been able to sit on...
  6. Wexford Chuck

    Quick egg question

    Hi could anyone tell me which of my birds could have laid the egg on the right, the blue one on the left i know comes from the Cream Legbar and its too light to be either the welsummer or the Maran. it has a chalky white residue on it. All the birds are around 24 weeks old. any help on this...
  7. Wexford Chuck

    Black Jersey Giants (photo's now added)

    Hi folks Can anyone tell me if BJG's have feathered legs as i have just brought 2 and 1 has feathered legs im pretty sure this is not a normal characteristic of a BJG but i could be wrong. I will post photos tomorrow. cheers X x X the one in front is a rooster and has feathers down the side...
  8. Wexford Chuck

    just aquired some new hens today and need help identifying the breeds

    i have just purchased 6 new hens, i know i have a welsummer a light sussex a maran a barred rock and a buff sussex but i am really puzzled by this one any help identifying this hen would be appreciated. the colours are very similar to the welsummer. but has quite a large fluffy plumage on its...
  9. Wexford Chuck

    i have hens and am now thinking of ducks??

    can anyone please advise me of some good websites for ducks, i have no idea how to keep ducks but have kept chickens for a couple of years and was looking at getting some ducks. Any advice on breeds for eggs and also how best to house and feed them would be appreciated. Thanks xx
  10. Wexford Chuck

    Help please STILL getting worried

    Hi there , im pretty worried about my girls, they have ALL suddenly stopped laying. I have 7 hens who have been laying very well all winter, average 6 eggs per day and suddenly today no eggs just a small mess in one of the egg boxes which looks like it could have been an egg without shell but...
  11. Wexford Chuck

    Help Needed Please

    i have just noticed that one of my girls seems to be sneezing i know this might sound and look funny but i am very worried, please can anyone tell me if this is normal or should she get medical advice
  12. Wexford Chuck

    quite worried

    on the 4th of september my first rsl started laying and still no sign from the others untill this morning i went to the coop and found 2 eggs together on the floor under the perches and they were both broken and very soft shelled one shell was like paper not really a shell and the other was...
  13. Wexford Chuck

    Love is in the air

    Howler my German Shepherd has taken a serious liking to one of my ladies, wherever she goes he just has to follow im so glad she has her own personal bodyguard
  14. Wexford Chuck

    So proud of my RSL pullet

    I have 6 rsl pullits but so far only 1 has started laying. Today is day 4 of laying and she laid me a beautiful DOUBLE YOKER, is this normal for a pullit so soon after laying her first egg???
  15. Wexford Chuck

    do different hens lay different eggs???

    i have 6 rsl pullets and i think only 1 is laying. yesterday i got my first eggs, one probably from the day before. the one on the right is shop brought medium. today i got another egg without the specles. would this be from the same bird or does this mean i have another bird that has started...
  16. Wexford Chuck

    help needed regarding Oyster Shell

    Hi there , i live 5mins walk from our local oyster farm at the estuary and often see hundreds of oyster shells lying on the beach, i was wondering if i could use them for my hens. if so is there anything special i have to do to the shells before i introduce them to my hens. any help would be...
  17. Wexford Chuck

    Quick Question

    i have a grey japanese bantam roo (very young) and 6 red sexlink pullets, would the roo when he is older be able to mate with the hens. i also have a bantam pullet would he just concentrate on her. im new to this so am wondering about the mechanics of the whole mating process.
  18. Wexford Chuck

    Would appreciate some help identifying breeds

    These are my new arrivals, my only pullits, they are 16 weeks old but dont know age of banties but know they are young. i think my ladies are rirx but would like to know x with what. and also what if any the breed of banties could be. thanks in
  19. Wexford Chuck

    Hi im a newby from Ireland

    very glad i stumbled across this site. everyone seems so friendly and very helpful. i just hope i dont need to use the illnesses section too often. i have 6 rhode island red cross pullets whom i have had for 10 days, still no eggs so still waitng for the big day. i got 2 bantams 2 days ago, 1...
  20. Wexford Chuck

    worried about hen

    i am new to having hens and have recently brought 6 large pullets rirx but one seems under the weather, she doesnt stretch her neck out like the others and seems alot slower and lethargic, i started worming them could this be why she seems lifeless. any help would be appreciated.
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