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  1. Pheasant283

    Emu eggs in Havobator 1588?

    Have a Havobator 1588 for now. Looking to incubate a couple emu eggs. Anyone have experiance with hatching emu eggs in a havobator this size.? Thanks in advance
  2. Pheasant283

    Info on Poulry / Small animal swap or auction in Western NE?

    Are there any poultry / small animal swaps or auctions in Western NE. There used to be on in the Scottsbluff area is that one still going? Thanks
  3. Pheasant283

    what other birds can be housed with Red Golden Pheasants?

    Just wondering what other types of birds can be housed with Golden Pheasants?
  4. Pheasant283

    Red Golden Pheasant will they set on nest??

    Will Golden Pheasants set and hatch out their eggs?? Or should I get my incubator out and dusted off?
  5. Pheasant283

    When do Muscovies start to lay?

    New to Muscovies have had them about 6 months. Just wondering what month they start to lay? I live in SD.
  6. Pheasant283

    how many pounds of feed to get a pheasant to 6 months?

    Just wondering if any one has an estimate of how many pounds of feed it takes to get a rooster ringneck pheasant to 6 months of age? Also what is an estimate on the current price of pheasant feed?
  7. Pheasant283

    Incubating Muscovy Eggs ??

    So bought a pair of Muscovy ducks today. First time I have had muscovies. Just thinking ahead for next spring, but how hard is it to incubate and hatch muscovy eggs?? Read a blurp on the net somewhere saying that once you pick an egg the muscovy duck will move her nest to a new spot, is that...
  8. Pheasant283

    Are Muscovies Loud?

    Hey Muscovy Duck owners. Just wondering how loud are muscovy ducks? Are they as loud as Indian Runners and Rouens?
  9. Pheasant283

    Egg Eating?

    Have 8 young hens who are just starting to lay. Went out to get eggs yesterday, had 5 eggs 1 eaten and 1 pecked. Any suggestions on what to do or what I am doing wrong. We have 8 hens, & 3 nest boxes, & 1 golfball in each nest box.
  10. Pheasant283

    Egg Size

    Just wondering, is a pullets first egg the smallest they will lay. Will the eggs she lays eventually get larger with time?
  11. Pheasant283

    At what age do Runners start laying

    Have 3 runners, 1 drake and 2 ducks. I think...... They are about 12 weeks old. Just wondering how old Runners are when they start to lay? Thanks!
  12. Pheasant283

    Hen not roosting in coop

    I have 4 young production reds and 4 young ameraucanas, about 4 months old. Out of the 8 hens 1 production red hen says out in the pen and sleeps in a dog house I have in the pen for the ducks (that they dont use), while the other 7 roost in the coop. Also when I feed them all of the chickens...
  13. Pheasant283

    Indian Runner duck house and nest box

    New to ducks and just got 3 Indian Runner Ducklings. For a duck house how steep of a ramp will they walk up to get into house? The lower to the ground the better? Also what do you use for nest boxes for Indian runners? And are they set on the floor of the duck house? How tall of a fence to you...
  14. Pheasant283

    Letting Ducks in the Garden

    I have heard that you can let ducks in the garden to eat bugs and what not, and they will not eat the plants like chickens. Just wanted to know if this is true???
  15. Pheasant283

    Watering Ducks with Chicken Nipples??

    Can ducks be trained to drink out of a Chicken Nipple type water system?? Thanks
  16. Pheasant283

    Duckling Feed

    Looking into getting a few ducklings. What kind of starter can I feed them? Can I feed them chick starter? Thanks
  17. Pheasant283

    Californain Quail questions?

    Have to opportunity to get some Californian Quail eggs this weekend. They look like a neat bird. I have raised bobwhites before about 5 yrs ago but never californians. Can the CA's co-exisit with other species of quail in a pen? Also what is better to raise them in a cage or a pen? Any and all...
  18. Pheasant283

    Chicks & Chicken Nipples

    So Have a few chicks I want to get started on drinking water out of chicken nipples, they are about a week old. I have touched there beaks to it a few times, but still no interest in it as they still have there other chick waterer to drink out of. Would it be wise to remove the chick waterer and...
  19. Pheasant283

    Mixing chicks of different ages

    New to chickens here. Was just wondering if I get a batch of a few chicks now, then get a few more in a week can I put them in the same brooder or is it best to keep them seperated?
  20. Pheasant283

    Jumbo Coturnix vs. Texas A&M & Coturnix

    What is the differenece between Jumbo Coturnix, Texas A&M, & plain Coturnix?? I want to raise them for Meat and Eggs, any suggestions? Thanks
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