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  1. KaylaIsHere

    Critique my novice sexing

    My chicks recently turned 3 months old and I have an idea of their sex, but would appreciate any other opinions/ideas on what they are. I think I might have one male IB, one female IB, and a female BS. I am not that confident, but these are my thoughts. This is the IB I believe is female...
  2. KaylaIsHere

    Better late than never!

    Just realized that I never got around to introducing myself! I have 3 peafowl, 2 India blues and 1 black shoulder. I’m almost positive now that the BS is a peacock and the two IBs are peahens (1 male! Success!). I’ve had them for about 2 months now and they are ~11 weeks old. They’ve been doing...
  3. KaylaIsHere

    A bit concerned

    Hello! Today something a bit strange happened with my peacocks. They are about 11 weeks old now. Normally, when I set out mealworms for them, they immediately run over and eat all of them. However, when I set some out today, they seemed less interested than normal. They only ate about 2/3 of the...
  4. KaylaIsHere

    Male or female?

    These are my first peafowl. About 6 weeks old. Any idea if male or female? Tried to get clear photos, but they don’t like me much. Thanks!
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