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    Where to buy NuStock, NE Oklahoma, for leg mites

    Got a beautiful 8 month Silkie roo free on CraigsList today for my Silkie hens. Problem is he has a serious case of leg mites. Yes I knew it as soon as I saw him but took him anyway. Put him by himself in a large dog crate in garage for the night while I researched here. After 3 hours of reading...
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    Bumblefoot Surgery tomorrow ...

    Oh lordy HELP! I just watched a video of what I think I need to do tomorrow when my husband can help ... Almost lost my lunch. Okay I can do this if I HAVE to. Out of 23 chickens all 4 of my Polish girls have the black scab in the centers of BOTH feet. All about 1/4" diameter. They are not...
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    White mites on poop in runs

    Not sure I'm putting this in the right place ... Have never seen any bugs on my chickens or in the coops. Dusting with DE since day one. I keep very clean runs and coops with sand in the runs and under roost bars and scoop every day. We have had a lot of rain lately and the sand in runs is now...
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    White mites on poop in runs

    Have never seen any bugs on my chickens or in the coops. Dusting with DE since day one. I keep very clean runs and coops with sand in the runs and under roost bars and scoop every day. We have had a lot of rain lately and the sand in runs is now packed down. When I go to clean up the poop is...
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    What Breed are my Bantams?

    I got these 3 as 1 day old Bantams. They are 3 weeks today. A silkie? Black legs and beak, 5 toes and getting ruffly. Has sand on beak but it is all black. And is much creamier/buff colored than these pics. Could this be a cochin? She is very tiny and is a bright yellow where the pics...
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    My awesome score on Craigslist!

    Look what I just got from Craigslist! He was asking $50. and I said how 'bout $40. and a dozen fresh eggs? Sweet! I'm going to place it maybe 12 ft to the left of my run here, below, and add it's own run up to the existing one. After I spruce it...
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    When do Silkies mature?

    I recently got my first silkie pair. Not sure age, somewhere between 16-20 weeks. When can I expect maturity from the boy? How soon after she starts laying can I expect my girl to get broody? I know they are big on brooding and I do want that. Thanks
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    Oxine AH Users ...

    Undiluted, how much Oxine in a regular quart sprayer, not fogger, as prevention in daily (big poop) cleaned coop? Can I also spray in my sand run that I clean (big poop) daily? How often? I sparingly sprinkle DE weekly in both. Love that stuff! 1/8 tsp per gallon in drinking water. Can I do...
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    When do Silkies mature?

    I got a pair of Silkies a few weeks ago. They are about 16 weeks I think. When does a Silkie typically start laying? When will the roo start crowing? And what will that crow sound like? I can't imagine these little guys crow like a 'regular' roo.
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    Feed for different ages

    I know it's been asked many times before ... I have 5 big girls laying perfectly everyday for 3 weeks now. 4 Polish girls. Only 1 laying, 2 days, 1 day off, 2 days, 1 day off These have all been on good layer feed and oyster shells and treats I am ready to add these to them ... A pair of...
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    Eggshells/Oyster Shell

    I'm ready to buy Layer feed for my 18 week olds. 9 girls, 1 roo. No eggs yet but the girls are getting very red. If I feed back their dried and crushed shells will they still need oyster shell?
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    3 ??? - ACV, Poly vi Sol, and feeding eggshells

    All 10 of my 17 week olds are doing great in this heat. A few of my Polish girls became lethargic at the beginning but are all better now. 21 days of 102-110. Ugh. I am lucky to be home all day and can change out huge ice bottles and add iced bottles to their water. They get lots of protein as...
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    How to hold for a vent check ?

    How do you hold a chicken to check it's vent? After my chickens feathered out I have not looked. They are 17 weeks now so almost ready to lay. No problems since day one and I check them over constantly but not sure how to hold to check vent area. Thanks.
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    Toenail gone, Bumblefoot?

    I've always noticed that Rosie had one very tiny toenail. Yesterday I saw that tiny toenail is completely gone. Left with this tiny dark spot/scab? Will it grow back or will I be dealing with bumblefoot now? She is 14 weeks. Pictures as good as I could get this morning. Thanks
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    To those of you that worm as a precaution twice a year, at what age do you start? What do you use if there are no symptoms?
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    Afghanistan chickens thread ...

    What happened to Norman's Afghanistan chickens thread?
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    100 degrees this week. Can I give plain Pedialyte to my healthy 10 week olds? If so, straight or diluted? Thanks
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    100 degrees here today. Can I give my 10 week olds plain Pedialyte? If so ... diluted or straight? Thanks
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    Do you use DE in your run?

    I am loving the deep litter/DE in the coop. Very lightly sprinkled before laying the pine shavings and a few very light sprinkles since. It really dries up the poop quickly. I do sift out the big ones every day. I've not used any in the run though. My run is about 3/4 sand and the rest still...
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    When can I stop slicing and dicing?

    I'm probably being too mother hen-ish by still dicing their treats into little tiny pieces. 10 girls, okay maybe 1 roo, at 8/9 weeks old. They have been getting their lovely sliced and diced fruit and veggie treats since 2 weeks. They are in a good sized run all day and I supply plenty of grit...
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