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  1. jokker1978

    how cold before the hen cant hatch eggs

    At what outside temp should i stop letting her lay eggs to hatch out ? it getting in to the high 30 at night and the 50 during the day
  2. jokker1978

    no eggs

    My chickens stoped laying eggs about 2 weeks ago i have 12 hens and they all stoped laying anyone know why ?
  3. jokker1978

    new chicks with the old flock ???? help

    I just got home from a camping trip and we now have some baby chicks . The hen is crazy i cant get close to her to see how many there is . the chicks cant get out of the hen house so i know i will have to put food and water in there for them and i will have to build a ramp for them to get in and...
  4. jokker1978

    home made brooder ? any plans

    Does anyone have plans for a brooder that works good ?
  5. jokker1978

    banthem crossed arucana

    if i want a banthem to lay green eggs how do i cross breed them ?
  6. jokker1978

    new member from SE texas

    Hello everyone been looking on here for a while and just joined to become part of the BYC group
  7. jokker1978

    how to candle eggs ?

    Anyone know of a good way to candle an egg ? i tried and candle and it didnt work very well
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