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    ISO * any* type of fertile eggs

    Anyone have any fertile eggs rite now ? My jersey Giant went broody and i want to give her some to sit on... type really doesnt matter just no bantams.. currently i only get 1-2 eggs a day and only one is fertile. This Would be my first time letting a hen hatch her own. I would gladly pay...
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    Pullet with pasty butt / got trapped and beat up

    Hello ; my 3 month old welsummer fell behind the chicken wire and wall.. got trapped . thus causing the carnivore affect of the rest of them to attack. Worked her over pretty good, i kept her seperated that evening once i found her . She could barely move. Put her in time out pen... next morning...
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    Is this a cockerel/ roo

    Pretty sure it is . But heres pix . Easter egg/ cochin mix. Age of 3.5-4 months old. Thats his fluffy cochin dad; 3 yrs old
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    New pullets - Others gang up on them

    So normaly when i buy new pullets, i keep them seperated for about a week , (i have a small coop in the big pen half open) then after a day or two of general pecking order. Everyone gets along. Well after the week of seperation, it went ok the first day, they all slept together last nite. Im...
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    Prety sure this is a roo; right?

    **see post 15 for updated pix** (june 2020 i hatched these) Pretty sure i know the answer.. but confirm its a rooster plz 😞😞 The one behind it im hoping is a hen easter egger x cochin **fyi different bird than last week,that one has went on**
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    Southeast Louisiana Rooster / Cockerel Easter Egger, Olive Egger

    So.. since being on this site, and learning i have 3 more roos 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Im going to list them for sale / trade. Black is an Easter Egger x Cochin (born April 2020) Spotted is 100% Olive Egger (born May 2020) Multi Color is Easter Egger x Cochin (born May 2020) I am located in the Greater...
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    Hen crowing or roo??

    So. My easter egger hen has decided to start crowing. Im 90% sure its a hen. Shes always boxing with some of the other more mature hens. But i will put up a pic and yall tell me. Also pictured is her sibling which I believe is a hen as well. And an olive egger about 95% sure its a rooster. the...
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    Hello from South Louisiana

    Hiya . Kinda browse here time to time , finally registered. Been having chickens about 2.5 yrs now, hatching on my own since febuary this year. Lost around 10 over course of time due to hawks, owls, & coonsCurrently my lineup is ; 2018 Fluffy - cochin (rooster) 2018 Amelia- red sexlink ? 2018...
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