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  1. Peckyweck01

    My Hen has an oddly light orange colored comb!!

    So I am over on the west coast of Oregon. Its the beginning of fall and doesnt get that cold, 50s to high 60s in the day and low 50s and 40s at night. Does this have to do with the discoloring of her comb? Her comb is usually a pretty solid red and now its a light orangy pink.. I just noticed...
  2. Peckyweck01

    My Silkie and Her eggs...But when?

    I have a black silkie bantam pullet and she is 5 months old. When do they start to lay? She hasnt shown any signs or even began to think of the idea of squatting. She RARELY comes over to the rooster trying to call when he found food. I have her in with 1 silkie bantam roo, 2 Andalusian laying...
  3. Peckyweck01

    When do roos get certain types of feathers?

    I have a 6 week old and I posted 3 weeks ago to see if it was a roo at age 3 weeks. So, if he is for sure, a lot of people said it was, when do they start to develop pointy hackle feathers and saddle feathers. He has regular feathers, hes not like a silkie or anything. He is an Andalusian mixed...
  4. Peckyweck01

    When to start feeding adult food?

    I have 3-5 week old butler bobwhite quails. This is my first batch I have ever hatched and pretty much dont know anything about them. I have the proper chick feed and stuff but when do I start feeding them adult food. Also, I am releasing them into the wild at some point. (once they are old...
  5. Peckyweck01

    Is my roo actually a hen!? He squats!!

    So I have this 5 and 2 week month old silkie bantam. Pretty sure it is a roo but when I pick him up, then set him back down, as soon as I let go of him he squats. So Im confused on why hes doing this. His sister doesnt have NEARLY as big of waddles or comb. Also, the pullet doesnt squat at all...
  6. Peckyweck01

    Roo colors

    What Bernevelder color is most common? I am looking for barnevelder roo colors because i am thinking about getting one in the future.
  7. Peckyweck01

    Most common color?

    Whats the most common color for a Barnevelder roo?
  8. Peckyweck01

    Rooster Questions

    Can roosters be in together? do they have to have a certain amount of girls for each one? Will they fight over food/water if I have 2 stations? Will they always fight?
  9. Peckyweck01

    How long under heat?

    I have 3 butler bobwhite quail chicks in with one chicken chick, how long should they stay under heat? When are they coop ready? They are all the same age, 2 weeks old.
  10. Peckyweck01

    Roosting on top of the coop!

    I have 2 - 2 month old sebrights, I know they like to be up high! But it has got out of hand! Last night I go to check on them and they were on top of the coop! How to stop it? I put them on the roost inside the coop about 3 ft from the ground, they seem to like it as they have been on and...
  11. Peckyweck01

    Mello, non-aggressive roos

    What is the best chicken breed for a nice roo? I am currently trying to plan on what chicken breed to go with after my 5 yr old roo is gone. I have heard faverolles and Wyandottes are good? Anything else? Preferably not bantams, or just not tiny.
  12. Peckyweck01

    What breed is this beautiful roo

    I found this online but just wondering what breed. I am starting to plan on what breeds to get after my roo is gone.
  13. Peckyweck01

    Does anyone know a good place to advertise chickens?

    I cant find any, other than craigslist. I posted chickens for sale on craigslist for a month and a half and a bunch of people have been texting saying they want some, never come, never respond. Annoying.
  14. Peckyweck01

    Any good names for these 2 Pullets?

    Pullet #1 pullet #2 (above & below)
  15. Peckyweck01

    Dried Mealworms as a Treat?

    So i have 2 silver laced sebrights and they are 2 months old, can they have dried mealworms?
  16. Peckyweck01

    Pullet right?

    I already think this is a pullet, she is 4 months old. Just wanting to make sure.
  17. Peckyweck01

    Planting grass

    I have a large run with 8 or 9 chickens in it. When I first put up this run there was tall grass covering every inch of it, they have ate it all down and I was going to plant some more grass or wheat in there to let them pick at. How do I do that without them scratching it/eating it when they...
  18. Peckyweck01

    Large combed chick.. because of the breed?

    So I posted this chick asking if it was male/female. Everybody was saying male at 3 weeks because of the large comb. This chick mother is an andalusian chicken and has a really large comb. It flops to one side and the father is inknown, a mixed breed. He also has a big comb that flops to one...
  19. Peckyweck01

    Pullet or Cockerel?

    I have already posted this picture when I first signed up for BYC, but barely anybody responded. So I have a 2 month old silver laced sebright. My dad thinks its a hen from the slight darker comb but it has the same size waddles and comb. One side the waddle is much smaller. Its coop buddy is a...
  20. Peckyweck01

    pullet or cockerel?

    this is my 4 month old silkie/frizzle cross. Anyone know how to tell?
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