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  1. yeddi 05

    help with hen

    Hi all, I have a approx 2 yr old hen she lays jumbos, I think she is a cross breed. I'm trying to figure out what is wrong with her. Her vent is like clogged with a white cheesy poopy looking material. Has some odor. I did a bumch of reading on here and I'm guessing either egg bound, busted...
  2. yeddi 05

    pecking order?

    Could someone explain to me the pecking order for chickens? I understand it is a dominence thing, but how long do they need to pick on the new guys for? I have been tryin to get three bantys intro'd to six others. They roost together with out issues, i mean wing to wing as they are in a...
  3. yeddi 05

    Balding and Dosage question

    HI, I have 1 female hen that I'm going to start on Duramycin-10 tomorrow for what sound like a raspy cough type thing. I'm just not what the ratio is? like 2 table spoons to 1 gal water? Any recommendations? She is about 5 or 6 motnhs old just about ready to start laying. I am going to...
  4. yeddi 05

    Feeding Question

    Hi All, Im relatively new to the forum and to owning chickens. I have been doing a ton of reading here and have learned a lot, thank you for sharing your wisdom and advice. But, my question is, if you let your chickens free range, how do you prevent them from eating things they are not...
  5. yeddi 05

    2 issues...just looking for some advise

    Hi, I have a 1 yr old female that is having totally liquid stool. its almost like a squirt gun. She seems to be energetic, and acting normal. I cant see anything in it like worms or what not. She is laying eggs. I bought some meds today at tractor supply, a med for worms and a antibiotic...
  6. yeddi 05

    Newbie From Mass!

    Hello Everyone, My Name is Ron and I live in central Mass ( Worcester Area), I have just recently purchased 8 egg layers. 4 of them are approx 1 yr old and the other four are approximately 5 to 6 months old. The younger ones are not laying yet. I have three diff varieties of birds. 2 black...
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