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  1. lolodalton

    Any idea what breed these chicks are?

    My sister picked these up at TSL for 50 cents each because they had no breed label and none of the workers knew what they were. Any ideas?
  2. lolodalton

    Ancona or Exchequer Leghorn? Pullet or Cockerel

    “She” came in a rare breed pullet mix from Meyer Hatchery and is now 14 weeks old and in the last week her comb has turned very red and has nearly doubled in size along with her wattles. I am beginning to wonder whether she is actually a he! And we have never really been sure whether she is...
  3. lolodalton

    Can anyone tell my what breed this chick is?

    She is a Meyer Hatchery chick from the assorted rare collection. She is 6 weeks old tomorrow. We've figured out what her "sisters" are, but have absolutely no idea what breed she might be. Those feathers are amazing! Oh, and her legs are dark - not slate like the lavender orpington but dark...
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