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  1. Petermariah

    Feather grow back

    How long does it take to grow back feathers? I have three hens with bald backs and butts after one of their sisters started eating feathers. I believe I’ve solved the problem by increasing the protein to a flock feed and keeping a bowl of oyster shell out for calcium and I have also banned all...
  2. Petermariah

    Safe plants around run?

    I would like to plant a flowering vine on the back side of my run and I keep seeing conflicting information on what plants are chicken safe. Does anyone have any advice on some pretty flowering vines that would be safe? I live in South Texas so must be very heat tolerant and would be a partial...
  3. Petermariah

    Brown Leghorn or EE?

    Tractor Supply surprise. Was in a container labeled Black Sex Link. Wattle too big for Wellsummer or EE and no beard and looks like Brown Leghorn but blue legs?? Every pic I can find of a Leghorn has yellow legs. Maybe just a Leghorn with questionable breeding? Hasn’t laid an egg yet so not sure...
  4. Petermariah

    Feather eating

    I’m new to raising chickens I got six hens in March. They’ve been laying for a few weeks. I have 5 hens with torn up backs and butts two of them to the point of large bald spots. Then I have one hen whose feathers are pristine. Well today I caught her in the act she slurped that feather down...
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