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  1. Thebantyhenhomestead

    Need help from experienced silkie chick people!

    Hello backyard chicken family, I’m looking for some advice Now I’d like to start off with this isn’t my first ball game with raising chicks including silkie chicks for that matter, and it’s always been smooth sailing in the past, maybe a weak chick here and there but I’ve never dealt with this...
  2. Thebantyhenhomestead

    Help sick young rooster! Antibiotics arnt helping!

    Hello! I have a 4-5ish month old small rooster that started sneezing and sounding gurgly, so I have been giving one 250mg Fish Mox in water (large cup amount) everyday for 4 days now and I haven’t noticed any improvements. I’ve also applied vet rx. He has very soft stool with a lot of liquid...
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