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    Old hat to some on here but my three little boys and I are sitting glued to the incubator window watching button quail pop like popcorn!! **** they're cute! That is all.... I had to tell someone!
  2. Treehill Farm

    I need to understand what just happened...

    I went out to feed and put the animals up for the evening. One of my Buff Rock hens was in a nesting box. Two other hens were pecking at her rear under her tail. I chased them off and realized the hen was bleeding. I lifted her up enough so that I could see where the blood was coming from. It...
  3. Treehill Farm

    Finally found the eggs I wanted......

    Now I just have to pray they hatch! Set 2 dozen Silver Pencilled Rock Eggs this morning. I have wanted some of these forever! Fingers will be crossed for the next 21 days.....
  4. Treehill Farm

    Is this normal?

    I have a Muscovy hen that laid 15 eggs. She kicked 4 of the eggs out of the nest and settled down. She has been an exemplary momma so far. I could sleep in her nest, it is so clean and full of down. She is always very careful to cover her eggs when she leaves to feed. Her drake helps her roll...
  5. Treehill Farm

    Using a broody hen for duck eggs

    Hi all! I have a broody hen that is desparate to hatch something. My roo is still a baby and not ready to meet that obligation. I do however have ducks laying everywhere and am wondering if anyone has ever used a broody hen for duck eggs?
  6. Treehill Farm

    Make your own/Homemade feed?

    I've seen more than one post on here regarding people making their own feed. Do any of you have a recipe you're willing to share?
  7. Treehill Farm

    Hamphire Red Roos!

    All ads must be in the Buy Sell Trade forum, please. edited by staff
  8. Treehill Farm

    Hello from New Mexico

    Yes New Mexico is part of the continental US! I've got lots of chickens and ducks. Found this site while looking for more. I've got the "chicken addiction"!
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