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    Hen with a tumor face? Please help!

    Hello everyone, my boyfriend has a black hen named Daphne. She is a mama of four and has been healthy up until recently. He noticed today that she was eating less and her face looked puffy. We looked inside of her mouth and it seems like she has a big sore/tumor. Does anyone know what this could...
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    Cancer in my Flock, Please Help! **GRAPHIC**

    Hello everyone, I am in serious need of help. This month has been absolutely chaotic, and I can't find anything that helps me so I came here to see if anyone knows anything. So, at the beginning of the month, my buff silkie hen named Gabby began to act very strange. This began with her devoting...
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    Baby duck can't poop and panicing. Please help!

    I have a baby pekin duck about a month old and they've been very healthy and active. Today, I noticed that she was lifting her tail to poop, but nothing came out and she would only make panicked peeps. I put vaceline up her vent to see if it would help, but nothing happened. I then flushed her...
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    Mystery Tractor Supply Chicks, What Breed are They?

    I got three chicks from the mixed bantam chicks from Tractor Supply yesterday, and I'm curious if anyone can tell what breed they might be even though they are young. This is a lavender chick but I can't tell the breed. I have no idea what color or breed this chick is. I know this...
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    Help! Sick and injured mallard!

    Two days ago, I went walking to a nearby pond with my partner and we discovered something very strange. There was a swarm of at least 20 mallard drakes, and on closer inspection I noticed that they were all mating with one female mallard! I chased the males away, to find a small and injured...
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    Why I check chick feet regularly now!

    I had a very interesting thing happen to me a few days also and I will certainly keep it from happening again. My partner and I were putting some chicks into a box because we had a customer showing up soon, and we wanted to take them out to show them. I noticed one of the chicks looked ill, so...
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    Opinions on Ideal Poultry Hatchery?

    Hello, I'm having a shipment of bantam chicks coming in tomorrow from Ideal Poultry, and I am curious about anyone's experience with the hatchery. Have it been a positive or negative experience? What was the quality of the chicks once they grew up? I want to know what to expect.
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    What color is this silkie chick??

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this but here I go. About a month ago I hatched a white silkie chick who I suspect to be a roo, and in the last week I realized his neck feathers turned into a peachy-lemon color, and he has a bunch of pin feathers on the same color on his...
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    Silkie hen won't eat, poor balance, can't poop URGANT!!

    Hello, my favorite white silkie hen, Murphy, is acting strangely. I noticed today that she hasn't been pooping, only yellow green liquid is leaking from her vent. I checked for a stuck egg, there isn't any. She isn't interested in eating much, and her balance isn't very good. She's been on...
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    Why did grass kill my beloved hen?

    Almost a year ago, I got two silkies and a satin silkie from a breeder. I raised them up until they were ready to go outside, and they always had access to clean water, feed, and treats such as oats, strawberries, mangos, and grass. My satin, Popo, always loved grass the most. Although, their...
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