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  1. trv005

    Daytime Opossum

    I agree with your assessment of their temerment. I was able to reach down and pick my girl up within a foot of her stalker and didn't even see any teeth. I let it be and it eventually made its way back to whereever it was before being disturbed. I had never seen one during the day so I worried...
  2. trv005

    Daytime Opossum

    I just had an encounter today. My escape artist was within a foot of a full grown opposum befor 8 am this morning in my front yard. She just stood there and I reached down and picked her up. It was not aggressive just looking for an easy meal. Seemed confused like it had been disturbed from...
  3. trv005

    WINNER ANNOUNCED Comb Contest 2014 - Single

    Jersey Giant 25 weeks Male
  4. trv005

    Review by '' on item 'Sussex'

    These are very smart birds, love treats and are very vocal with appreciation.
  5. trv005

    10 week old Delaware pullets

    All the Delaware photos I've looked at show the hens with short pointy tails and solid black tips w very little barring and the combs are short and close to the head. This one is barred all over and has a long comb already. Have you had any Delaware hens that look like this one? She's mean too.
  6. trv005

    10 week old Delaware pullets

    My one and only Delaware. First is at 9 weeks second at 12 weeks. Aggressive since 4-5 weeks. Love this birds curiosity and tenacity but I ordered all females. Pretty sure based on featuring of the tail, comb and wattle size and the huge leg shanks this is a Roo. Anyone else think so?
  7. trv005

    Ok, deep breath, letting them free range without supervision...

    At what age s it pretty safe to let them go unsupervised during daylight hours? I have a 19lb cat that I can't tell if he would go after any of them. So far he just watches them. I have a large coop and large run situated next to 2 other buildings with trees surrounding it all inside 2acres...
  8. Ursula 9 week old Barred Rock. My favorite, super sweet and very curious!

    Ursula 9 week old Barred Rock. My favorite, super sweet and very curious!

  9. Ursula 9 week Barred Rock and Bianca 9 week Delaware.

    Ursula 9 week Barred Rock and Bianca 9 week Delaware.

  10. trv005

    Putting the girls into their new hen house-HELP!

    I love your coop! It's so bright and sunny they will love it in a day or so. Just a suggestion, I started with nice fluffy shavings too and per the chicken chicks suggestion I switched to sand. It is so much cleaner and easier to keep clean and they no longer tromp through poop and get it on...
  11. trv005

    Comment by 'trv005' in article 'My Coop Journey'

    Love your set up! Sorry about your bantams! I bet owls aren't your biggest problem up ther in Alaska. Stay safe and warm!
  12. trv005

    Do hawks go for adult hens?

    I've seen a hawk swoop and grab a chihuahua while standing next to it in a neighborhood with acre lots. They are about the same wt as an avg hen. It was devastating for everyone!
  13. trv005

    Do hawks go for adult hens?

    How do you bring in more crows? I have hawks that spotted my chicks last night w a clear runway to swoop down and get them even with plenty of cover. My 9 wk olds were clueless to the hawk talk and the crows sending out their warning calls. It was like herding cats trying to shoo them back into...
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